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Westmaas Publishes Article in Book on African Revolutionary

Nigel Westmaas
Nigel Westmaas

Assistant Professor of Africana Studies Nigel Westmaas has published an article in the new book Claim no Easy Victories: the Legacy of Amilcar Cabral (2013). The book marks the 40th anniversary of the assassination of the Guinea–Bissau & Cape Verde revolutionary and independence movement leader.

Westmaas’ article, “’Weapons of Theory’: Employing Amilcar Cabral in the Present” calls for modern movements and activists to “unearth new and creative ways of highlighting poverty and other social ills that progressives and revolutionaries have always challenged ” and for the “conscious appreciation of the intersections of race, class and gender and the need to proceed with the active, acknowledged parity of these areas in the assessment of social and political life in any part of the globe.”

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