Westmaas Publishes Op-ed in Guyana Paper

Nigel Westmaas
Nigel Westmaas
Assistant Professor of Africana Studies Nigel Westmaas published an opinion piece in Georgetown, Guyana’s newspaper, Stabroek News, titled “Corruption, criticism and political culture in Guyana” on Aug. 3. Written with David Hinds of Arizona State University and Stabroek editor Alissa Trotz, the article addressed Guyana’s “lack of objective oversight standards” and offered ways to prevent and fight against corruption.

The authors suggest, as a first step, that the government be willing “to be frank and to have an open door policy on public scrutiny of public funds and its expenditure.” The authors conclude their piece with these questions, “Is this generation of political leaders too far away from that standard? And are we prepared for the hard and careful, committed work it will take to insist on that standard [refusal of bribes] from those who claim they want to ‘serve’ the people of Guyana (instead of taking office to serve themselves)?”
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