What Parents Need to Know for Child's First Day of College

Over the next few weeks, thousands of families across America will participate in one of life's most memorable rites of passage - getting a son or daughter ready for college. If speaking in public, experiencing a death in the family and divorce are three of life's most stressful situations, the first day of college orientation may be number four... Here are some practical tips for parents to ensure that this event will be pleasant, stress-free and enjoyable... ...No matter how much self-assurance or bravado you see, your 18-year-old still needs encouragement and support, especially the confidence of knowing you think he is ready. Be patient, understand your own feelings, and listen... Encourage them to be independent thinkers, to make decisions that are respectful to the law, community standards and the rights of others... Suddenly, it is time to say goodbye. The members of the Class of 2003 are gathering for their offical class picture. You're busy wondering how the last 18 years could have gone by so quickly to notice the tears in the corners of your eyes...
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