James Russell '09 shares what you can expect at your first visit to the Career Center

James Russell '09
James Russell '09

It took me five years to muster up the courage to schedule an appointment at the Career Center.  That’s right.  Five years.  Even with diploma in hand, my heartbeat began to race as I opened the door and ventured inside for the first time.  Maybe it was the fear of change and taking on new challenges, maybe it was the apprehension that I would be told I wasn’t good enough.  Whatever the reason, something about the Career Center created a sense of panic within me. 

My counselor introduced herself and ushered me into her office.  As the door shut, I prepared myself for the worst.  What came next was a bit of a surprise.  We spent the first 20 minutes discussing my goals, plans for the rest of the summer, and our shared interest in the outdoors.  With her help I was able to devise a plan for creating a resume and cover letter.  She also gave me tips on networking and showed me how to use the alumni directory to get in touch with recent graduates in my field of interest.

I left her office that day with a sense of confidence.  I only wish I had initiated a relationship with the Career Center much earlier in my time at Hamilton.  The counselors do more than help you check items off your pre-graduation list; they are people you can talk to. 

An education at Hamilton College gives you all the tools you need to succeed off the Hill.  The Career Center shows you how to utilize those tools to make those first professional doors swing open and welcome you inside.

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