Whistling in the Dark

Based on some riveting true stories and set in part at Hamilton College, this is the tale of a daredevil pilot and atheist who comes to faith through his research into and encounters with supernatural phenomena and who finds love with his Jamaican-American wife. The hero's story is woven into a larger account of his family, which has been plagued for centuries by a demonic being, from the mountains of Greece to present-day New England.

The story is told from the perspective of the demon itself and of Wolff Ladiakas Reinhardt, the latest member of his family to be marked by the Vouno Diavalos as his favored prey. (Note: The legend of the Vouno Diavolos
or mountain devil is current to this very day in the author's ancestral Greek village of Valteseniko.) Initially an atheist, Wolff soon learns through encounters with the demon and ghosts why he has been given the rare gift to see into the Spirit Realm: only he can see them, and only he can save those afflicted.

Wolff eventually finds comfort in the love of his wife Annie, and they discover that their lives are entwined in The Haunted House of Assateague, a former slave plantation and actual haunted house where Wolff twice confronts the demon and Annie learns the truth about her Scottish ancestry. Wolff is ultimately possessed by the demon, and he must struggle to free himself to save his young family and to prevent an evil new church from rising.

Haunting and heartwarming, inspirational and tenderly erotic, the novel's dark, Gothic elements are leavened with humor and spiced with a playful sensuality.


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