Why God? Overcoming Obstacles to Faith

We are born. Stuff happens. We die. Most of us, most of the time, sense that there is more to life than just that. We sense that life has meaning and purpose. In surveys, more than 90 percent of Americans say they believe in God, and over half say they pray every day. So we usually have some spiritual response to life. This book is written to help you enrich your own spiritual response. Even if you are not interested in spiritual development, you can read this book for its critical examination of conventional wisdom about religion.

This book encourages enhanced religious faith by examining significant information that is often ignored, including some scientific theories and ideas about supernatural phenomena, as well as information about traditional religious beliefs. The point of this book is to show that worshiping the traditional God is not just sensible, but also important to our well-being as individuals and as a society.

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