Wile Presents Poster at American Chemical Society Meeting

Brad Wile at the American Chemical Society Meeting.
Brad Wile at the American Chemical Society Meeting.
Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry Bradley Wile attended the 239th American Chemical Society National Meeting in San Francisco on March 21-25 and presented a poster describing research conducted by Hamilton student Alexander Wood '12 (summer research) and alumna Kathryn Manning '09 (senior thesis). The poster, titled "Progress Toward the Synthesis of New Redox-active Phosphino(iminopyridine) Ligands," was well-received and prompted several useful and productive discussions.

Manning's senior thesis research focused on the preparation of a series of ligands capable of supporting light transition metals such as chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel and zinc. While conducting her senior thesis research, Manning was able to prepare and characterize several organic ligands, and subsequently generated a series of transition metal complexes as described above.

The following summer, Wood continued to study these complexes, and characterized them using spectroscopic and single crystal X-ray diffraction methods. Wile continues to investigate these compounds, with plans to elaborate the ligands further, and continue to characterize transition metal complexes derived from such ligands. Complexes of this type may serve as catalysts for a variety of organic transformations, such as those employed in the production of pharmaceuticals, or the preparation of polymeric materials or commodity chemicals.
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