Will Marsden ’14 Helps Gaming Company Go Green

Will Marsden '14
Will Marsden '14

William Marsden ’14 is helping Arkadium, a professional game development company, become more environmentally conscious this summer. Working as the business operations intern, Marsden is overseeing the company’s Go Green initiative to implement more sustainable practices.

Arkadium, committed to becoming more environmentally friendly, is focused on reducing its carbon footprint. Marsden and his team will encourage employees to complete simple actions, like recycling or turning off lights, to reduce their energy waste.

Other than recommending changes in habitual behavior, Marsden is also designing long-term plans for the Go Green initiative. His main focus is developing and monitoring a digital storage space to minimize paper use. This database will be an electronic storehouse for the company’s information that is traditionally kept in filing cabinets.

While Arkadium provides reimbursement for commuting costs, Marsden is also receiving funding through the Summer Internship Support Fund III, administered by Hamilton’s Career Center.

Emma Leeds ’12, an alumna who encouraged him to apply for the New York City-based position, was his first contact with the company. Marsden participated in a Skype interview while studying abroad in Beijing and was informed of the environmental projects with which he would be involved. “The company [culture] sounded very youthful and enthusiastic,” Marsden emphasized. These were the two main aspects of the organization that attracted him to the position.

Students may become weary of the extended workday and lengthy commute that they may face on entering the workforce. Marsden noted, though, that he enjoys experiencing New York City, and is adapting to his demanding schedule. He has become close with many coworkers and still participates in his favorite recreational activities, such as rugby and football.

According to Marsden, the week’s most entertaining meeting is when employees pitch ideas for new games. He mentioned the company’s “no rejection policy” during these sessions, which encourages full participation by employees, interns included. He appreciates the freedom he is awarded, and likes observing the changes he’s initiating in the office.

“A very creative bunch with interesting ideas,” is how Marsden described the company employees. He never considered a position in the gaming industry before approaching Arkadium. However, after working with multiple departments in the office, he has become interested in a career in public relations for a firm with a similar, “lively environment.”

Marsden is a graduate of Dartford Grammar School (England)

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