Williams 4 Hamilton 1

Defending national Champion Williams College opened the scoringat Mason Field on a goal by Seth Bair just 1:09 into the game. The Ephsincreased their lead to 2-0 on a goal by Jonathan Ilgen. Hamilton then scoredwith 20:23 remaining in the half on a goal by Brendan Forrest, assisted byTeddy Comerford, bringing the Continentals within one of Williams at the half.However, Williams secured its victory with two unanswered goals in the secondhalf. The first, just five minutes into the half, was scored by Robin Kelsogluand the second, in the final minutes, was scored by Chris Smith.

Hamilton (1-1): Brendan Forrest (1-0), Teddy Comerford (0-1), Mike Heffernan 3saves.

Williams (1-0-1): Seth Bair (1-0), Jonathan Ilgen (1-0), Robin Kelsoglu (1-0),Chris Smith (1-0), Brian Greenfield (0-1), Stephen Danbusky (0-1), Eric Watson1 save.

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