Andrew Gibeley ’16How did your Hamilton experience influence or prepare you for your career path? 

Both the Creative Writing Department and my extracurricular involvements at Hamilton—notably the Campus Activities Board (CAB)—helped me greatly, as they guided me toward the path to publishing and provided me with the resources to thrive in it. I secured my first internship in the publishing industry through the Hamilton Career Center's alumni network and learned about the NYU Summer Publishing Institute from my advisor who was also kind enough to write me a letter of recommendation. Once I found my way into the publicity department, I used a lot of the skills I'd developed in organizations like CAB to help me with event coordinating, promoting, and working closely with big-name talent.

What is your favorite part about your job? 

Working with big-name authors and especially celebrities is always exciting, but I think ultimately my favorite part of my job is being surrounded by colleagues who truly love what they do. Publishing is, famously, not an industry people join for the money, but for their passion for books and expanding literacy. This naturally makes for a welcoming work environment I can actually look forward to every morning. Getting bottomless free books is a pretty great perk, too!

What advice do you have for Hamilton students? 

I would advise students to do something you actually enjoy, or at least something you are genuinely interested in. Unlike school and college, work is 9 to 5 (at best!), every weekday for the rest of your adult life. That is too much time to spend being miserable or wishing for something different. There are so many fascinating and unique industries you can work in. Choose one that satisfies and challenges you.

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