Xu Presents at ICICE 2013

De Bao Xu
De Bao Xu

De Bao Xu, the Leonard C. Ferguson Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures, presented an invited talk at ICICE 2013, the International Conference on Internet Chinese Education, held July 11-14 in Pasadena, Calif.

In “Current Trend in Technology and Chinese Language Teaching,” Xu discussed the current trend in technology and Chinese language teaching from four perspectives: (1) the CALL study since 1960, (2) the practice of Chinese CALL since 1970, (3) the newly developed technology such as cloud computing, mobile technology, Web 2.0, and (4) the need and expectations of the learners.

Xu also chaired a symposium titled Technology and Chinese Language Teaching.

In addition, he was interviewed by Voice of America and discussed technology and Chinese language teaching, its history, current situation and future forecast. Xu also talked about the contribution of TCLT, the Hamilton supported international conference and workshops on technology and Chinese language teaching initiated in 2000.

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