Young Hamilton Alumni Serve Up Fresh Lifestyle Tips at The Supermelon

Eco-friendly bangles, enterprising it-girls, chaussuriers-on-the-make, and gourmet cupcakes on wheels. Jenna Fain '09 has covered it all, with flair. She is assistant editor of The Supermelon, an online publication that compiles the latest trends in international fashion, art, music, and travel. The Supermelon's cosmopolitan worldview and eclectic content offer readers a unique perspective on stylish living in an Internet age that has seen a deluge of blogs and other online forums devoted to style and celebrity.

The Supermelon is a delicious medley of editorial bureaus. "Real Style" puts ascendant fashion icons under the microscope. "Fresh Talk"  boasts exclusive interviews with top-tier professionals in the industries of fashion, beauty, and art. "Playlist" music series, with its alt-pop ear ever honed on the latest danceable beats, highlights artists on the verge of mainsteam success. The Supermelon has cultivated readership by plugging into online social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

"Fresh Talk" got fresher when Fain recently posted the transcript of her extensive interview with acclaimed fashion photographer, blogger, and influential "arbiter of quality and cool," Scott Schuman, known to his online followers as the Sartorialist. Their conversation ranged from fashion to fame to fatherhood. Fain's conclusions? "Schuman is as down-to-earth as his readers hoped he would be, possesses a spot-on self-deprecating sense of humor, and is polite to boot! Most importantly, however, Schuman is for his fans; dedicated to perfecting and innovating his art for his readers alone."

But Fain isn't the only Hamilton graduate working to make the Melon super. On a recent tour of New York City, Eric Kuhn '09 stopped by the studio set of TLC's phenomenally popular makeover show What Not to Wear. Equipped with style questions generated by Supermelon subscribers, Kuhn spent his visit dutifully absorbing the sartorial wit and wisdom of celebrity hosts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. Kuhn's video footage, in conjunction with Fain's write-up, is among the site's most frequently visited pages.

Elizabeth Palmer Starnes '11 and Amanda Nardi '11 have also reported for the The Supermelon as guest contributors.

Before joining The Supermelon, Jenna Fain completed internships with Jewish Living and Elite Traveler magazines. Teen Vogue and The New York Times's "City Room" blog have recommended her features to their readers. 

Fain seeks to build strategic alliances with lifestyle, beauty, and fashion bloggers and brand representatives, and to sustain them via editorial content, social media networks, viral marketing and promotional outreach. 

She graduated from Hamilton with a degree in creative writing and a minor in art history. As a student, Fain wrote for The Spectator and for campus lifestyle magazine The Continental, and joined Kappa Sigma Alpha sorority. 

She currently resides in Rochester, N.Y.

Eric Kuhn is a new media consultant and award-winning journalist. He advises major corporations on marketing and communications strategies for blogger-outreach and on the use of networking media. Kuhn also speaks and workshops on the changing media landscape. He is a contributor to the Huffington Post, and has published articles and videos on MSNBC.com, TodayShow.com, CBSNews.com, WashingtonPost.com, MediaBistro.com and CNBC.com. 

Kuhn graduated from Hamilton with a degree in government.

He currently resides in Washington, D.C.

--Jonathan Bannigan
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