Battling the Elements

By Jenna McCarthy

Today's trek began in Tadapani. 

We walked down into a valley and crossed a bridge over a river. Then, we walked uphill on the other side of the valley. There were rhododendrons galore. 

Sadly, there was no tea and biscuit break today. However, we all really enjoyed the trek. After lunch (French fries & spring rolls - I also bought a Snickers at the small store next door), we walked along a river through the forest. We saw more waterfalls and even a super cool moss waterfall! The woods had some snow and mud but nothing crazy. We also encountered more tourists than usual because we were in a busier part of the trail where a few different hiking circuits connected.

The next section of the hike was really unique. We walked along the ridge line that was covered in fog. Liv Holbrook notes that "it felt like we were disappearing into space." It also hailed a bit, but it has pretty much precipitated everyday that we have been here, so we are used to it!

After a morning of intense down and ups and an afternoon of more mild, flat terrain, we made it to Ghorepani! There was a heater in the lodge, and as soon as we settled in, it started to thunderstorm. We all sighed a sigh of relief that we had made it just in time!

Sizzling chicken for dinner & fried apples for dessert made for not a bad day!

Jenna ("Eating anything sizzling automatically makes the day not a bad one") McCarthy

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