By Jenna McCarthy

We woke up at the usual time of 6:30 AM. We packed up our belongings and ate breakfast. Then, we hung out for the morning. Abigail and I went on a morning hike with two of our guides. We hiked up a nearby mountain and got some pretty views of the terrace farming. We also got to see a new village that seemed less touristy. 

Some other people in the group read, grabbed coffee, and played games. Other people went to a local school after meeting a teacher on their wandering stroll! The teacher invited them into the school, and the girls got a gift from the school that looked like a white scarf. They didn’t really get to interact with the kids though because they were taking exams. :( 

Lena Schneck and Andrew Jillings made their grand return after sitting out for a day. We all ate lunch together and celebrated the gang being back together again! 

After lunch, we walked for 5 minutes to the bus which we rode for about 2 hours to Pokhara. In Pokhara, we stayed in a swanky hotel. We enjoyed long hot showers with exceptional water pressure. It was life changing after hiking for 2 weeks and wearing the same dirty clothes over and over again. We also did some shopping on the main stripe which was the street over from our hotel. Elizabeth, Marielle, and I also checked out the lake nearby (Fewa Lake). 

Finally, we headed out to dinner at a nearby restaurant. The dinner was served buffet style and was followed by a cultural show. The cultural show involved lots of music and dancing! The show was interesting, but looking around, I have never seen the faces in our group look so tired (and it was only 8:30 PM!). However, we did laugh the whole way back because we were all so tired to the point of being slightly delirious. 

Jenna ("Another day, Another slay") McCarthy '23

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