Meal plans

Class Year Requirements
  • Sophomores will be assigned to the unlimited meal plan.
  • Juniors and seniors may select either the 14 or unlimited meal plan.
  • Only students (regardless of class year) living in the Anderson Road Apartments, Bundy Apartments, Griffin Road Apartments, Kirkland 4th Floor Loft Apartments, Saunders House, faculty apartments in Minor, Milbank, McIntosh, and Morris House have the option to select the 7 meal plan, in addition to the 14, or unlimited meal plans.
  • All students MUST be on a meal plan.
Important Notes
  • The 7 meal plan includes any 7 meals per week
  • The 14 meal plan includes any combination of 14 meals per week
  • The unlimited meal plan includes unlimited meals available to any student.
Meal Plan Prices

The most current meal plan rates can be found on the Tuition and Fees page.

Custodial Services

Hamilton College Custodians are responsible for cleaning all common areas, such as hallways, stairwells, lobbies, and lounges. Additionally, the custodians will clean all publicly accessible bathrooms* (this includes all shared bathrooms and the bathrooms in the suites).

Students with private bathrooms, [including those in Anderson Road, Skenandoa, South, Carnegie, Griffin Road, Faculty Apartments, Kirkland lofts, Morris House and all other areas in which a student’s residence must be entered in order access the bathroom] will be responsible for cleaning those bathrooms themselves. Custodians will only enter and clean these areas during break periods. Supplies for cleaning, as well as toilet tissue, will be provided to students by Facilities Management. If you are interested in living in an area with a private bathroom please know that you will be responsible for cleaning this area. Additionally, be aware that students in these areas may be charged if excessive cleaning is needed when the custodians check these areas during break periods.

important information

Dunham 3rd Floor Agreement

Every January we have a group of January Admits join us on campus as part of the first-year class. These students will be housed on the 3rd floor of Dunham. Any student who chooses a room on the 3rd floor of Dunham during the general housing selection, regardless of class year, may be required to move out at the end of the fall semester to allow room for the incoming Jan Admits. Learn more ...

Housing Contracts

The Housing Agreement will be found in your Student Handbook. Each student is expected to be aware of and abide by the guidelines expressed in the Housing Agreement. Anyone who chooses to live in specialty housing will be required to abide by the rules and regulations outlined for that area in the Residential Life Policies and Procedures section of the Student Handbook.

Housing Selection Manipulation

Any attempt to manipulate the housing selection process and/or change room assignments during or after the housing selection is a severe policy violation. The consequences for making an unapproved room change at any point will include one or more of the following: moving back to your original assigned room, being penalized in a future housing selection (with points added to your housing selection number), and being subject to judicial action.

If you have an available space in your room at any point during the year, it is expected that you will be welcoming and accepting of any new roommate assigned to that space. Failure to do so is considered manipulation of the housing selection process and will likely result in future housing selection and/or judicial consequences.

If someone selects housing with the knowledge or intention to go on leave in the fall (study abroad, transfer, etc.), the case will be reviewed and your status in future housing selection processes may be jeopardized. WHEN YOU SELECT A ROOM IN THE HOUSING SELECTION PROCESS, YOU HAVE COMMITTED TO THAT ROOM FOR THE ENTIRE ACADEMIC YEAR.


If you select a room in a housing selection and then decide at some point during the summer to go on leave for the following year, the space you selected will be given to another student without housing. In many cases we are unable to notify the other occupants of the room or suite before the room assignment is made.

IMPORTANT: Do not select a room in the housing selection process if you are not planning to return to campus for the fall.


As always, after the housing selection process, there will be a small number of individuals unable to select a room as all rooms will have been assigned. Those students will work closely with the Office of Residential Life and will be assigned during the summer as rooms become available. (Examples: when someone declares a late leave of absence, transfers, is given an academic suspension, etc.). This process begins in July. This is not a summer housing selection. There is no summer housing selection for fall housing. This is a placement process. Despite common belief, this is not something to be nervous about, and you will get housing. However, you MUST select a room if given any choice during the housing selection process.


Contact Name

The Office of Community Living

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Elihu Root House, 2nd Floor
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