Substance-Free housing will be located in Rogers Estate, Kirkland Hall, Anderson, McIntosh Hall, and 3rd floor Minor Hall for the 2024-25 academic year. 

About Substance-Free Housing

Substance-free housing is designed to allow students a place to live which is free from alcohol, illegal drugs, and other substances. All students living in the substance-free housing locations agree to the community guidelines outlined below. 

Students who are living within substance-free housing are prohibited from bringing any alcohol, drugs (with the exception of medical prescriptions that are prescribed to the students), or tobacco substances into the residence hall. Prohibited substances include the following:

  • All types of cigarettes, cigars or burning tobacco in any form
  • All types of alcohol
  • Any form of marijuana or marijuana products, including medical marijuana
  •  Any Illegal drugs
  • Any form of E-cigarettes, aka JUULs, vape pens, etc.

Students who are living in substance-free housing agree to adhere to the following regulations:

  • Students will not consume alcohol or any other prohibited substance in the residence hall. 
  • Students will not return to the substance-free environment in an intoxicated and/or disruptive state.
  • Students will not negatively impact the living environment through the decision to use or have contact with any substances beyond the residence hall. For example, a resident in this area who has either smoked or been in a smoking environment is obligated to not bring this smell back to the substance-free area. 
  • Students will not invite guests to this area who are under the influence and/or have used any of the above substances prior to entering the substance-free living environments. Students are responsible for the behavior of their guests and will be held accountable for all actions and violations made by them. 

Students in substance-free housing are responsible for upholding these policies, which apply to all common areas, private rooms, hallways, bathrooms, stairwells, entrance ways, and lounges. 

Students who violate these policies may be required to move out of substance-free housing, and may be referred for resolution through the Code of Conduct process.

How To Live In Substance-Free Housing:

In order to be eligible to select substance-free housing, students must first apply for the substance-free housing selection via their Housing Account. Once your application is received, you will have the opportunity to create a roommate group (a group that you wish to select housing with) prior to the selection. Roommate groups can only be formed with other students who have also applied for this selection process. The maximum group size for this process is 2. Groups are formed in your Housing Account, by each member requesting and accepting each other during the designated roommate group formation time. You then select housing together, using a selection time that is created by averaging the selection times of all members of the group. Groups can select either one double room or two single rooms.

For more details regarding roommate groups and selection times, please see the Frequently Asked Questions section of the General Housing selection page. 

If you register for the Substance-Free Selection and you don’t want to choose from the options available at your selection time then you can simply not select, and you will automatically be included in the remaining selection processes. If you are unable to select because all the spaces are taken prior to your selection time, you will automatically be included in the remaining selection processes.

There is a small number of Substance-Free Housing apartments. You will receive information about selection for those spaces in the Housing Account Newsletter that is emailed to you prior to the start of this process. 

Important Dates for the 23-24 process

  • 3/27/2024

    Registration for Substance-Free Housing and Roommate Group Formation Opens

  • 3/31/2024

    Substance-Free Housing Selection Registration and Roommate Group Formations DUE

  • 4/2/2024

    Substance-Free Housing Selection Times Released

  • 4/3/2024

    Substance-Free Housing Selection

Housing Contract

If you decide to choose a substance free living environment, you must agree to abide by the rules, regulations, and expectations that govern that living community as outlined in your housing contract and the Community Living Policies and Procedures section of your Student Handbook. If you violate any part of this contract, you may be asked to leave the specialty house/floor.


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