It's easy to become a member of HAVOC — just volunteer. Choose one way that's right for you or mix and match!

One-Time Service Events

Low time commitments - come on a whim.

  • These events usually happen once a month off campus for a few hours on a Saturday or on campus during lunch during the week. Volunteers are usually on-campus groups or individual volunteers.

Volunteer at our Sites

A little more volunteering, but a lot more change.

  • Our 20 sites volunteer throughout the semester on a weekly basis for an hour or two each so you can see the long-term difference you are making. Volunteers are usually pretty consistent.

Join the General Board

A typical club format.

  • The General Board meets once a week and works to help and raise awareness about a theme of the semester (education/literacy, elderly, animal care, etc.). This is accomplished by three subcommittees of the G-Board (volunteering, outreach, and charity).

Become a Site Coordinator

Mix leadership with direct volunteering.

  • Site coordinators are the lifeline of HAVOC, working with the executive board and community partners to find volunteers and run our weekly projects. These responsibilities usually only add about an hour a week to the regular volunteering at the site. 

Join the Executive Board

Lead HAVOC into the future.

  • Composed of hardworking and passionate students who have shown a dedication to volunteering at Hamilton, the executive Board is responsible for organizing and providing leadership to all of HAVOC's events. Time commitment is considerable.

Help us provide an accessible education, offer innovative resources and programs, and foster intellectual exploration.

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