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Open Books Project

COOP is working on establishing the Open Books Project.  This program recirculates gently used books back into the community where they are available for families either to borrow and return, or simply to take home.  Books are collected through donations from community organizations and campus book drives held at Hamilton College once a semester.  These books are collected, sorted and set out on bookshelves at sites where families and children who need and want them will have easy access to them.
  •  Increase book ownership by families, particularly in underserved areas.
  •  Involve community members and non-profit organizations in this literacy effort through book donations.
  •  Enhance the services of organizations serving as bookshelf hosts by providing books to the families they already serve.
  •   Keep books circulating throughout the community.
  •   Recognizing the significance of book ownership and access for all people.

If your organization or office is interested in hosting a community bookshelf, or you have any questions about the Community Bookshelf Project, please contact Amy James at literacy@hamilton.edu.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Amy James

COOP Director
315-859-4016 315-859-4041 ajames@hamilton.edu
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