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A common question that returning students ask is “What rooms will I be able to select from?” The answer is complicated. Unlike the spring housing selection process where nearly every room on campus is an option at the start of the housing selection, the Mid-Year housing selection only includes the following:

  • Vacant rooms, which are any room, or space that is currently empty on campus.
  • Anticipated vacancies, which are any room or space that, according to our records, will become available when the current resident moves out at the end of the fall semester.

As you are planning your preferences for housing selection you should consider what types of rooms may be available. While there are generally a small number of available spaces on campus during the Fall Semester they are rarely, if ever, in highly sought after areas. The vast majority of rooms you will be selecting from will be anticipated vacancies that will be vacated because the current resident is planning to take a leave of absence for the spring semester. Most, if not all, of the students planning to take a leave in the spring are those students who have plans to study abroad. This means that they are members of the junior class, and their rooms are spaces that were selected by juniors in the spring housing selection. For this reason it is very rare for spaces that typically go to seniors, such as Eells or Ferguson, to be available in the mid-year housing selection. All available rooms will be posted the evening of the housing selection.

***Please note that if the room you select is an anticipated vacancy, and the current resident cancels their plan to take a leave during the spring, they will retain their space in that room, and you will need to re-select from the list of rooms that are available at the time that their leave was cancelled. The Office of Residential Life will contact you if this happens.

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