Pre-Assign Process

A pre-assign housing assignment is an assignment that is made prior to the housing selection process. These can occur for a variety of reasons.


  • Accommodation/Medical Pre-Assignment
  • Pre-Assignments to Vacant Spaces in multiple-person rooms, suites or apartments where at least one roommate will be remaining from the fall 2019 semester


This process allows students with approved medical and/or religious needs that severely limit the places they can live on campus to obtain housing that suits their needs. In order to apply for this type of housing students must complete the Medical Pre-Assign paperwork found on the Residential Life Website and submit it to Allen Harrison, the Assistant Dean for International Students and Accessibility. Applications will be reviewed by the Assistant Dean, as well as staff from Residential Life, the Counseling Center and the Health Center, as appropriate, in order to reach an informed and fair decision. Students will be notified on the results of this application on a rolling basis. Where possible, students whose applications are accepted will be offered spaces that meets their needs to select from. The deadline to submit a medical pre-assignment application is November 6, 2019.


This process allows students who have, or will have vacant spaces within their fall 2019 living area to request that a returning student be pre-assigned to that vacancy. This option is available under the following circumstances:

  1. The space is within a double, triple, or quad and at least one current resident of that room will remain housed there for the spring semester.
  2.  The space is within an apartment and at least one current resident of that apartment will remain housed there for the spring semester.
  3. The space is within a suite and at least one current resident of that suite will remain housed there for the spring semester.

Pre-assignments are not allowed for any single rooms not included within the parameters above. Singles that are being vacated outside of suites and apartments may not be selected through the pre-assign process. In addition, singles that were connected as pulls in the spring housing selection are no longer connected in this way, and may not be filled through the pre-assignment process. Rooms that will be completely vacated may not be pre-assigned to returning students.

Throughout the fall semester students with vacancies will be contacted to ensure that they are aware that the space in their room/suite/apartment will be made available in the mid-year housing selection if it is not filled prior to that date. In late October Residential Life will begin offering the option of pre-assignment to students with vacancies. As a part of this process, we will send a list of returning students out to all students with vacancies. This will allow students to get in touch with each other and to request pre-assignments to fill these vacancies. Our hope is that this will allow students to select their roommates, rather than leaving the space open at the housing selection, at which point it will be available to any student (of the appropriate sex) who selects it. A list of all the rooms that are not selected and available singles that cannot be pre-assigned will be posted at the housing selection on December 4, 2019.

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