Ryan Jorrey '10, a summer student at Hamilton under the guidance of Professor Eugene Domack, is scraping sediment from beakers and putting the powder into vials. These samples have already been through the acid washing process to remove inorganic carbon.


Ryan removing sediment from beakers to put into vials

Bruce teaching Ryan about how our mass spectrometer worksBruce, our instrumentation technician, is teaching Ryan Jorrey '10  how our Thermo Scientific Delta V Advantage Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer works.

Peter weighing samples on the MicroscalePeter Gerrity '09 is working on his Senior Project for Environmental 
Studies here at Hamilton College with guidance from his advisor, Professor Eugene Domack. For his project, Peter is interested in the carbon isotope values of kasten core 44 which was taken near the James Ross Island off of the Antarctic Peninsula during the cruise NBP 01 07. 

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