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Hamilton Isotope Lab

The Hamilton Isotope Lab supports multidisciplinary stable isotope research across the sciences for faculty and students.


  • Sartorius Microbalance CP2P
    Installed: January 2007
  • Costech Elemental Combustion System ECS 4010
    Installed: March 2007
  • Finnigan Conflo III
    Installed: March 2007
  • Thermo Scientific Delta V Advantage Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer
    Installed: March 2007
  • Finnigan GasBench II
    Installed: March 2007

Types of Analysis

  • δ13C and δ 15N analyses for solid materials as well as wt%
  • δ13C and δ18O from carbonates (DIC)
  • δ18O and δ2H from water

Analytical Details

Sample preparation will vary slightly depending on what type of material is being analyzed. The general steps and their explanations are as follows:

Standard Operating Procedures

Our laboratory standards used daily are certified against USGS and IAEA International standards.


Previous Funding Provided By:

Sherman Fairchild Foundation
National Science Foundation (NSF)
U.S. Antarctic Program (USAP)

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