August Brooks ’24

Senior Fellow
Major: government
Hometown: Lexington, Ky.


“Productive, respectful conversation on the issues that matter most is at the core of our democratic process and college is the perfect time to start this process.”

Andrew Hohmann ’26

Student Ambassador
Majors: chemistry and history
Hometown: New York City


"I work with Common Ground to open my peers’ minds to different opinions and backgrounds, to ask them to understand the person in front of them, and to respect their opinions and beliefs. I would like to see more of this behavior in our world, in Hamilton and beyond, and am committed to working hard to make this a reality."

Mele Kaneali'i ’27

Student Ambassador
Major: public policy and sociology (intended)
Hometown: Kaunakakai, Hawaii


"With increased political polarization, engaging in respectful dialogue about the nation's 'hot topics' is more important than ever and will not only hopefully result in a collective solution but also encourage empathy, understanding, and breaking free of the echo chamber."

Nawar Kazi ’27

Student Ambassador
Major: government and psychology (intended)
Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.


"Common Ground creates a platform of open dialogue and expression of ideas among individuals with contrasting views! This is so crucial to promote a holistic understanding of our ever-changing and polarizing political world."

Sarafina Madden ’26

Student Ambassador
Major: history
Hometown: Cohasset, Mass.


"Common Ground serves as a forum where students can engage with disparate viewpoints and refine their judgments on complex and divisive political issues."

Arielle Schultz ’26

Student Ambassador
Major: World Politics
Hometown: Los Angeles/Orange County, CA


“We’re all at Hamilton College because we want to make a difference in the world and need to develop the skills necessary to do so. Common Ground shows Hamilton Students firsthand the importance of bipartisan cooperation and understanding in an increasingly hostile, polarized world.”

Student Perspectives

Read about the key takeaways our student writers shared from previous events.

Former U.S. Senator Roy Blunt, Former Congresswoman Val Demings and Journalist Steve Scully at Hamilton College for a Common Ground event.

In Pursuit of the Greater Good Amidst Chaos

Val Demings and Roy Blunt, executive fellows from the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), visited Hamilton to analyze the nation’s polarized political climate in the semester’s final Common Ground event.

Gina McCarthy, left, shares her thoughts with moderator Aaron Strong, center, and Christine Todd Whitman, right, at the Nov. 6 Common Ground event.

Maintaining Optimism in the Energy Transition

Two former EPA administrators visited College Hill to explore the everyday complexities and impacts of transitioning to renewable energy in this semester’s fourth Common Ground discussion on Nov. 6.


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