• Vivyan Adair

    Acting Chair, Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies
    Photograph of Vivyan Adair
    women’s studies; race, class, gender, sexuality and nation; comparative literature and theories of composition and rhetoric; sexuality studies; welfare reform, education and public policy
  • Rama Alhabian

    Assistant Professor of Arabic
    Photograph of Rama Alhabian
    19th & 20th century Arabic literature; medieval Arabic travel writing and the Medieval Maqama; genre, translation, and postcolonial studies
  • Mo Alloush

    Assistant Professor of Economics
    Photograph of Mo Alloush
    development, urban, and behavioral economics; applied econometrics
  • Abhishek Amar

    Associate Professor of Asian Studies
    Photograph of Abhishek Amar
    archaeological history of South Asian religions, especially Buddhist and Hindu traditions; research in themes of inter-religious dynamics, syncretism and religious transformation; colonialism and reconfigurations of sacred centers; and religion and water management in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions
  • Marissa Ambio

    Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies
    Photograph of Marissa Ambio
    19th-21st century Latino literature and culture
  • Douglas Ambrose

    Professor of History
    Photograph of Douglas Ambrose
    U.S. history; the old South; Christianity in American history; American colonial history; the American founding era and proslavery thought
  • Frank Anechiarico

    Maynard-Knox Professor of Law, Director of Public Policy
    Photograph of Frank Anechiarico
    public administration, public ethics, and law and society
  • Mairin Augustine

    Assistant Professor of Psychology
    Photograph of Mairin Augustine
    social, emotional, and self-regulatory development; infant and child temperament; parent-child relationships
  • Stephanie Bahr

    Assistant Professor of Literature
    Photograph of Stephanie Bahr
  • David Bailey

    Winslow Chair of Modern Science and Professor of Geosciences
    Photograph of David Bailey
    geochemistry and petrogenesis of Miocene volcanic rocks in the Powder River Volcanic Field; history of igneous and tectonic activity in the northeastern United States; the mineralogy of New York State

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