• Shoshana Keller

    Chair and William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of History
    Photograph of Shoshana Keller
    Russian and Soviet history, Central Eurasian history, and history of the modern Middle East
  • Douglas Ambrose

    Sidney Wertimer Professorship for Excellence in Advising and Mentoring and Professor of History
    Photograph of Douglas Ambrose
    U.S. history; the old South; Christianity in American history; American colonial history; the American founding era and proslavery thought
  • Mackenzie Cooley

    Associate Professor of History, Director of Latin American and Latine Studies
    Photograph of Mackenzie Cooley
    history of science; early modern world; Colonial Latin America; environmental history; intellectual history; digital humanities; history of gender and sexuality; animal studies; genetics and history
  • Sabrina Datoo

    Visiting Assistant Professor of History
    Photograph of Sabrina Datoo
    intellectual and cultural history of modern South Asia; history of medicine; Islam in South Asia
  • John Eldevik

    Professor of History, Director of German Studies
    Photograph of John Eldevik
    social and economic history of the early Middle Ages; history of law and mechanisms of conflict resolution; the perceptions of non-Christian peoples and lands in medieval manuscript culture
  • Kevin Grant

    Edgar B. Graves Professor of History
    Photograph of Kevin Grant
    the British Empire; modern Britain and Ireland; international humanitarianism
  • Rebecca Gruskin

    Visiting Assistant Professor of History
    Photograph of Rebecca Gruskin
    Environmental history, social history, political economy, modern North Africa, modern Middle East, global history
  • Maurice Isserman

    Publius Virgilius Rogers Professor of American History
    Photograph of Maurice Isserman
    20th century American radical movements; history of the 1960s; the history of mountaineering and exploration
  • Celeste Day Moore

    Associate Professor of History
    Photograph of Celeste Day Moore
    African-American history; diasporic and transnational history; race and empire in 20th-century U.S. and France
  • Ty Seidule

    Visiting Professor of History, Executive Director of Common Ground
    Photograph of Ty Seidule
    military history, Civil War memory, African American military history


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History Department

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Shoshana Keller, Chair

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