Jurisprudence, law and justice studies is a minor with coursework that will provide you with a foundation for understanding how the theory, practice and meaning of law stimulates civic engagement. Expect to find classes as varied as Genetics and Society, and Seminar in War Powers – Law, Policy and Practice.

About the Minor

At Hamilton, students engage in the academic study of the law through interdisciplinary coursework that emphasizes writing, speaking and logical reasoning. They refine those skills by arguing cases in class and in writing. There’s a resurgence in the academic study of law within the liberal-arts framework; Hamilton’s own history with legal studies runs deep. The College first offered courses in jurisprudence, justice and law in the 1830s.

I think that probably the most important thing I learned (at Hamilton) is not doing everything by myself, because there are so many people to talk to here who have so much knowledge. I think that has been really beneficial – just using all our resources to the max.

Morolake Thompson ’14 — Jurisprudence student

As Woodrow Wilson observed in 1894, decades after Hamilton introduced law courses, “Every citizen should know what the law is, how it came into existence, what relation its form bears to its substance, and how it gives to society its fiber and strength and poise of frame.*

* 1894 Address to the American Bar Association, noted in: Albert E. Harum (1960) "The Case for an Undergraduate Law Elective in Liberal Arts." Journal of Legal Education 12: 422.

Careers After Hamilton

  • Government Affairs Assistant, Direct Marketing Association
  • Paralegal, Federal Trade Commission

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