The department provides an interdisciplinary and transnational analysis of the historical, theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of women and gender. Innovative teaching and research experiences help students analyze social and cultural differences, transform their understanding of traditional areas of study and develop their ability to interact with the world in personal and intellectual ways.

About the Major

Women’s and gender studies will provide you with a powerful perspective on cultural and world history by putting women at the center of its analysis. You may be inspired to pursue a grant to conduct summer research with a professor. Women’s and gender studies students at Hamilton have, for instance, researched women day laborers, feminism and sexual assault on college campuses and the identities of contemporary Cuban women.

I find so many intersections between science and feminism and women studies, and (women's studies) really colors all the other things that I do in terms of my perspectives that I take on the world, on science, on life.

Rachel Sobel ’15 — Women's studies major

Women’s and gender studies at Hamilton certainly is not for women only. It is not even exclusively about women. Who are we as individuals and as members of a society? Who shapes those identities, and how? How do gender, power, race and class affect the interactions of women and men? These are issues that every thoughtful person must address. Above all, women’s studies is about personal and intellectual growth.

Careers After Hamilton

  • Director of Operations, Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston
  • Program Officer, Building Movements, Ms. Foundation for Women
  • Nurse Midwife, URMC Midwifery Group
  • 4th Grade Teacher, The IDEAL School of Manhattan
  • Attorney, Laskoff & Associates
  • Mental Health Counselor/Play Therapist, Integrative Counseling Services
  • Physician, Rhode Island Hospital

Contact Information

Women's and Gender Studies Department

198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323
315-859-4702 315-859-4253 womensstudies@hamilton.edu

Meet Our Faculty

A Sampling of Courses

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Introduction to Feminist Thought 201S

An interdisciplinary examination of the history and contemporary practice of feminist thought. Topics include the history of feminist thought in Western culture, the broadening and complication of that canon to include examinations of race, class, gender, sexuality, ableism and ageism, and the implications of global feminist thought. Writing-intensive.

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Introduction to LGBTQ Studies 202F

In this introductory-level writing-intensive course, students will explore sexuality through writing as not just a personal identity, but also a category of analysis that intersects with gender, race, class, nationality, and religion. Through films such as For the Bible Tells Me So, But I'm a Cheerleader, Southern Comfort as well as texts such as Vicki Eaklor's Queer America and Susan Stryker's Transgender History, you will learn to interrogate prevailing normative assumptions, social and cultural institutions, your own life, Hamilton College, and the wider community. Writing-intensive.

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Women, Gender and Popular Culture 211F

Interdisciplinary investigation of how popular culture reproduces gendered identities and racialized differences. Feminist theories of popular culture will inform examinations of racial stereotypes and heterosexist conventions in diverse forms of popular culture (films, fiction, non-fiction, television, music, the internet) from 1980-present in both mainstream and sub-cultural contexts. Analysis of popular culture's commodification of contradictory versions of "womanhood," as well as how women's self-representations pose complex questions of agency and resistance in the culture industry.

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Feminist Methodological Perspectives 301F

An interdisciplinary exploration of feminist methods of social analysis. Emphasis on how feminist inquiry has transformed how we think about and study gender in the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities. Writing-intensive.

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Kitchen Culture: Women, Gender and the Politics of Food 334S

A cultural studies examination of women’s long-standing association with the private space of the home, in particular the kitchen, and the production and consumption of food. Grounded by feminist theoretical discussions of domesticity, the class analyzes how notions of family, community and cultural practices connected to food are differentiated by race, class, ethnicity and nationality.

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Unraveling Cleopatra 372

Cleopatra was a witness to and a shaper of the history of ancient Egypt and the late Roman Republic. To posterity the historical Cleopatra is an enigma, but her image in film, literature, art and popular culture is ever present. Through authors such as Horace, Plutarch, Shakespeare and George Bernard Shaw and through cinematic treatments from the 1940s-1970s, explores how the historical figure of Cleopatra became both the signifier and embodiment of sexual and racial politics across historical periods.

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