The Senior Program

The Senior Program in Chinese is the culminating intellectual experience at Hamilton, in which the cultural experience in China, the language proficiency and insights gained in the first three years are combined and integrated. The centerpiece of the Chinese concentration is the senior project. The one semester project requires the concentrators to finish and present a work of scholarship completely in Chinese and/or using substantial materials in the original language. Chinese majors work closely with a faculty member(s) each week and during two group presentations during the semester, including a final defense.

Recent projects in East Asian languages and literatures include:

  • The relationship between China's online payment market and financial inclusion
  • Chinese Homosexuality: Societal, Media and Government Pressures
  • How Xi Jin Ping’s relationship with the People’s Liberation Army shapes his administration and policy
  • How Ai Weiwei’s Works of Art Reflect His Thoughts on the Value and State of Life
  • The role of the Chinese government in promoting entrepreneurship in China
  • Cui Jian: Exploring the Cultural and Political Impact of China’s Greatest Rockstar
  • Destructing the Iron House: Patriarchal society in Lu Xun’s works
  • Christianity in China: The Growth of the House Church.
  • The Costs of China’s Birth Planning Policies: through the lens of Domestic & International Adoption

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Chinese Program

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