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The Senior Program

During their senior year, all classics concentrators work closely with a faculty member on one-semester independent research projects of their choosing.

Some recent senior projects in classics include:

  • Dissection of the Greek Female Body and its Implications for Classical Reception
  • The Mis-Identification of Ithaca
  • Romani, ite domum! Imperialist Themes in Monty Python’s Life of Brian
  • The Construction of Gender, Sexuality, and Power in Catullus: A Foucaldian Analysis
  • Misrepresentations of Cleopatra in Modern America Culture
  • The Construction of Race in Ancient Greek Literature and its Reception
  • Robotizing Pygmalion
  • Motherhood and Martyrdom in the Passion of Perpetua: A Reconciliation of Nurture and Violence in the Early Church
  • Who Were the Carthaginians?: Fact versus Fiction
  • Fake News and the Dangerous Legacy of a Martyrdom Complex: How Popular Misconceptions about Martyrdom in the Early Church Still Create Real Barriers to Compassion and Dialogue Today

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