The Senior Program

As seniors, computer science majors frame and conclude their study by participating in a senior seminar. There they provide computer expertise and support for faculty research and other projects. Majors who are seeking departmental honors undertake an additional semester-long project in collaboration with a faculty member. Recent senior projects have focused on topics such as steganography (embedded information), cryptography, Kolmogorov complexity, algorithm visualization and automatic derivation of instruction scheduling.

Examples of recent computer science projects (some of which led to publication in professional journals and at conferences) include:

  • Philosophy of Migration
  • Media Analysis of Corporate Ownership
  • Faculty Committee Assignment Tool
  • Online Analysis of Critical Race Theory
  • Study Time: A Timeline Creation Tool
  • Women in Mormon Studies Web Site
  • Sifting Through Sand: Displaying interactive depth-dependent text
  • EVOLVE. Simulating biological evolution for use in the classroom
  • Regression Model Selection for Market Simulations in R
  • Survey App for Psychology Department
  • Explorations in Operating Systems or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Boot Loop
  • Natural Language Processing with an Emphasis on Statistical Parsing Techniques
  • An Empirical Investigation of Neural Networks for Voice Recognition
  • NMR Spectrum Prediction Using a Neural Network
  • JABKA: A User-Friendly 3-D Rendering System
  • Computer-Assisted Language Analysis
  • Discuss: An Authoring Environment to Promote Classroom Discussion
  • Virtual Reality and Education: Presenting Computer Programming Concepts in Virtual Environments


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Computer Science Department

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Mark Bailey, Chair

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