The Senior Program

As seniors, computer science majors frame and conclude their study by participating in a senior seminar. There they provide computer expertise and support for faculty research and other projects. Majors who are seeking departmental honors undertake an additional semester-long project in collaboration with a faculty member. Recent senior projects have focused on topics such as steganography (embedded information), cryptography, Kolmogorov complexity, algorithm visualization and automatic derivation of instruction scheduling.

Examples of recent computer science projects (some of which led to publication in professional journals and at conferences) include:

Genetic Programming Projects
  • Quantum GP: Solving the Permutation Function Max Problem
  • Elo-Scoring Inheritance: Evolving Optimal Tic Tac Toe Gameplay using Genetic Programming
  • SDPush: A Stack-based Genetic Programming Framework for Determining Robustness of Software Defined Perimeters
  • Injective Variation Operators and Semantics Lexicase To Solve Boolean Problems
  • Using Genetic Programming and Lexicase Selection to Solve the Longest Substring Problem
  • Using Genetic Programming with Modified Down-Sampled Lexicase Selection to Solve the Largest Subarray Problem
  • Migration and Evolution of Unique Island Models
  • Applying Genetic Programming to Market Data
  • Using Genetic Programming with Alternate Tournament Selection to Solve Maximal Clique Problem
  • Can Machines Learn to Draw? Testing Image Generation Instructions in Genetic Programming
  • Finding Checkmate with Chunk Operators in Genetic Programming
Projects with Clients
  • Semi-Automated Processing of Camera Trap Images
  • Creating and Administering In-Class Team-Based Learning Activities
  • Improving Operations: A Database Solution for Kirkland Art Center
  • Topic Modeling and Sentiment Analysis for Study Abroad Programs
  • Portable and Open Software for Stream Temperature Modeling
  • Batch Transcription for The Oneida County History Center
  • Uptown Theatre: Creating a Check-In Web-App with CMS and Analytics using Firebase and React
  • 911 Call Analytics for the Central Oneida County Volunteer Ambulance Corps


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