The Senior Program

The Senior Project in economics can be satisfied either by a project in a designated 500 level course or by a Senior Thesis. Projects require a paper or a series of papers demonstrating a mastery of advanced methods, an understanding of the scholarly literature on a topic or an understanding of the evolution of important issues in the discipline. The Senior Thesis is a written report of an original research project undertaken in the department's Research Seminar (Economics 560). Students participating in this seminar make a number of presentations of their work in progress during the semester and usually submit their theses to the department for consideration for department honors. On several occasions, these theses have become the basis for collaborative work with faculty supervisors that has resulted in  publications in professional journals.

Recent projects in economics include:

  • A Macroeconomic View of the Effects of Civil War on Economic Growth
  • Flooding and Childhood Malnutrition: Long Term Health Outcomes in 21st Century Nepal.
  • Macroeconomic Volatility and Financial Inclusion
  • Impact of High Performance Work Practices on Job Satisfaction:  Evidence from British Establishments
  • Deregulation, Number of Underwriters, and Quality of Certification
  • Identifying the Effects of the Minimum Wage Law on Crime Rates in the United States
  • The Effect of Enterprise Risk Management on the Performance and Valuation of U.S. Insurance Companies
  • Modeling Lending Club Loan Defaults
  • Financial Inclusion and Financial Stability: Cross Country Evidence from Firm and Household Access to Finance
  • Does Debt Matter for GDP Growth?: The Casual Link Between Public Debt and Economic Growth

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