The Senior Program

The Senior Program serves as an integrating and culminating experience for all Hamilton students. At the center of the Senior Program is the senior project, in which you focus and apply the knowledge and skills you have developed in your first three years of study. The senior project takes different forms in different disciplines. But each student works closely with at least one faculty member, and the project typically concludes with a public presentation or defense. As a student with an interdisciplinary concentration, you will design your own Senior Program as part of your overall plan of study; the Committee on Academic Standing must approve it.

Recent examples of research projects in interdisciplinary studies include:

  • Single Parenting Across Cultures
  • Riesling Rising: New York State of Wine
  • Understanding the Experiences of Trans, Gender Nonconforming, and Gender Non-Binary Students: Voices Often Lost in Predominantly Cisgender Environments Like Hamilton College
  • How Expectations of Salary and Satisfaction Can Affect Us
  • A Ladder to Nowhere: The Fallacy of the American Dream and the Failure of the 1996 Welfare Reform for Women
  • Self-creation: recipes, photography and writing
  • Notizie False e il Comunismo: La Vita di Ugo Stille e la Storia dei Relazioni Italo-Americane durante la Guerra Fredda (Fake News and Communism: The Life of Ugo Stille and the History of Italy-US Relations during the Cold War)
  • Classical to Contemporary Italian Studies: A Translation of the Best-Selling Novel, Don’t Tell the Writer, by Alice Basso
  • Indexes of Non-Binary Identity in Italian, a Gendered Language
  • East of the Sun and West of the Moon: Narrative Identity in an Intermedia World
  • Influence of Learning and Inference on Intergroup Interactions
  • Small Birds, Blue Bellies: Poems


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