The Senior Program

The Senior Program represents a culminating intellectual experience for seniors in the religious studies program. Its centerpiece in the senior project, in which each major plans, writes and presents a self-directed, interdisciplinary course of study that balances critical skills and creativity. The senior project is carried out under the close supervision of at least one faculty member.

Recent examples of research projects in religious studies include:

  • Representing the Sefirot: Therapeutic Trends in Kabbalah-inspired Artwork
  • Depictions of Catholics in the Political Cartoons of Thomas Nast
  • The Percy Jackson to Paganism Pipeline: How Literature Can Influence a Pagan Identity
  • Birds of a Feather: How National Identity Has Been Crafted Through Children’s Religious Media in Jordan
  • Awe and Devotion: A Comparison of Charismatic Authority
  • Developing a Pluralist American Civil Religion
  • The Valentinian Sophia
  • The New and the Old in Augustine’s Interpretation of the Pauline Adam
Honors Presentation
  • Public Discourse on Religious Freedom: 1990-Present


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