The Senior Program

The Senior Program is an integrating, culminating academic experience for all sociology majors. Drawing on the methodology, research and thinking skills that they have developed during the first three years of study, seniors work closely with at least one faculty member to plan and complete the senior thesis. Work on the thesis includes an oral presentation in a public forum, where the audience includes visiting faculty members from other colleges and universities as well as faculty and students from the Hamilton program.

Recent projects in sociology include:

  • Bridging the Urban/Rural Divide: The Interconnected Factors Shaping Policy Preferences
  • Does it Mean to be Spicy Smart? Elucidating the Experiences of Students with Learning Disabilities at an Academically Rigorous College
  • All you need is trust: How middle manager leadership practices impact the work environment of their employees
  • How Did They Do It? The Path to Upward Mobility for Underprivileged African Americans
  • The ‘People’s Home’ for who?: How Social Distance Influence Swedish Politicians’ Views on Immigrant Groups
  • [Always] Kiss-and-Tell: A Study of the Gendered Perceptions and Uses of Gossip for Female-Identifying Students on College Campuses
  • Schools: The Gender Playground An Analytic Approach to How Elementary School Children Learn About Gender
  • Asian American as a Floating Signifier: Ascribing and Redefining Racial and Ethnic Identity at PWIs
  • Friends in Hired Places: An Evaluation of Authority Mechanisms Among Peers in Higher Education Academic Resource Centers
  • You are What You Wear: Clothing in College as a Means of Individual and Group Identity through a Social Constructionist Lens
  • Not So Sexy Sex Ed: How Sex Education Impacts Sexual Script Formation
  • The World is Your Oyster, Right? A Study on the Career Aspirations of College Students and the Factors that Affect Their Decisions
  • Emotional Labor in Special Education Teachers


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