The Senior Program

Seniors in women's studies pursue a one-semester senior project that can take the form of either a written thesis or some form of performance. Students work independently on the senior project, but they are supervised by one or more faculty members. The senior project represents a culmination of each student’s undergraduate experience; it synthesizes coursework, discussion and personal reflection into a focused statement of intellectual growth and insight.

Recent senior projects include:

  • We will not become what we mean to you: The Evolution of the Female Nude From Patriarchal Consumption to the Site of Feminist Protest
  • An Analysis and Reflection of Queer Nightlife and the Importance of Physical Space for Queerness and Community to Thrive
  • WMGST XXX: My Body, Not My Prison: Theories of Sex Work and Abolition, A Proposed Syllabus
  • How To: Worldbuilding and Queering Concrete Futures of Hope
  • Living Dead: Necropower, the Human, and the Flesh in Contemporary Art
  • The Art of Getting Lost: Counter-Cartographies and Disorientation


Department Name

Women's and Gender Studies Department

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Vivyan Adair, Chair

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198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323

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