Women's Studies

Women's Studies at Hamilton is certainly not for women only. It is not even exclusively about women. Instead, women's studies provides a powerful perspective on culture and history by placing women at the center of its analysis. Who are we as individuals and as members of a society? Who shapes those identities, and how? How do gender, power, race and class affect the interactions of women and men? These are issues that every thoughtful person must address. Women's studies at Hamilton gives students the tools to address them with intellectual rigor in an inclusive, supportive environment.

Women's studies majors consider and analyze issues of domination and privilege based not just on gender but on race, ethnicity, class, religion, sexual orientation and other factors. These points of reference help students think critically about the historical, societal, psychological, cultural and global forces that shape their lives. Women's studies challenges students to look at these forces from multiple viewpoints. It prepares them to make informed decisions about life at Hamilton College and beyond.

Above all, women's studies is about personal and intellectual growth. Students find their voices and discover how to use them — how to write and speak effectively, think critically, and become full participants in the public dialogue.

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Women's and Gender Studies Department

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