Tiao-Guan Huang, Visiting Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures

B.A., National Taiwan Normal University, M.A., and Ph.D, National Taiwan University
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Areas of expertise: Chinese linguistics, teaching Chinese as a second/foreign language, learning and teaching strategies

Tiao-Guan Huang's research and teaching interests include Chinese grammar, grammar pedagogy, pragmatics, semantics, learning, and teaching strategies and curriculum design. Huang, who is a visiting assistant professor of Chinese, previously taught Chinese at Indiana University and Middlebury Summer School and had various teaching experiences in Taiwan. She received her master's and doctorate in teaching Chinese as a second or foreign language from the National Taiwan University in Taiwan.

Zhuoyi Wang, Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures

B.A., Beijing University; M.A., Beijing University; Ph.D., University of Washington
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Areas of expertise: Chinese cinema and literature

Zhuoyi Wang's research interest is in Chinese film history. His teaching interests include Chinese history, film, literature and language. He is the author of Revolutionary Cycles in Chinese Cinema, 1951-1979 (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014). Wang has taught at various institutions, including the Summer Chinese School at Middlebury College, the Department of Modern Languages and Literature at Kenyon College and the Department of Comparative Literature at the University of Washington. He received his doctorate in comparative literature from the University of Washington at Seattle.

Xi Chen, Teaching Fellow in Chinese

B.A., Capital Normal University; M.T., Capital Normal University

Xi Chen has taught Chinese in several intensive programs, including the Associated Colleges in China and Mississippi in Beijing at Minzu University of China. She’s also taught at Princeton in Beijing at Beijing Normal University. During Chen’s degree course, she worked as an intern teacher in the International Department at Beijing Yucai School for one semester. She received her B.A. in Chinese language and literature and M.A. in teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages from Capital Normal University.

Victoria Li, Visiting Instructor of East Asian Languages and Literature

Areas of expertise: teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages

Yan Li specializes in teaching Chinese to adult learners. She has taught Chinese in multiple intensive programs, including ACC, UVA, and Washington and Lee. Li also worked with the U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai for two years, and that experience led her to focus on modern Chinese society rather than only the language. She received her bachelor's degree and master's degree in teaching Chinese as a second language.

Lian Xue, Visiting Instructor of East Asian Languages and Literatures

Areas of expertise: Chinese language and literature, linguistics,applied linguistics

Lian Xue received a bachelor's degree in Chinese language and literature from Beijing Second Foreign Language University. Before working for Hamilton’s Associated Colleges in China program for five years, Xue was a senior high school teacher for three years.

Huili Zhang, Teaching Fellow in Chinese

M.S., B.A., Minzu University of China
Areas of expertise: elementary Chinese; Chinese dance

Huili Zhang received her bachelor's degree from Minzu University of China and now is a candidate there for a master’s degree in teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages.  She taught Chinese in Thailand for two years and worked as a part-time teacher for a year at the College of International Education at Minzu University.