The Senior Program

Senior majors in government complete a senior thesis and a research paper, working closely with a faculty member in the department. In the Senior Program, students draw on their accumulated skills and knowledge to produce focused, high-level scholarship on a specific topic or problem.

Recent senior projects in government include:

  • Understanding Nation States and the Global Climate Regime: Applying Theories of International Relations to the International Climate Negotiations
  • Between Assimilation and Transnationalism: The Story of a Bosnian Community in Utica, NY
  • An Insider’s Game: Elite Influence on the 2012 Republican Primary
  • The French Fifth Republic: Fifty Years of Presidentialization?
  • The Sources of Ballistic Missile Defense Expenditures
  • North Star Politics: Party Evolution in the State of Minnesota
  • Judicial Review of the President’s Killing Power: Constitutional Consequences of the Case of Aulaqi
  • The Legislative Behavior of Self-Financed House Members
  • Political Time Is Up: Rethinking Skowronek’s Theory of Presidential Leadership
  • Applying Bartels’ Homer Gets a Tax Cut to the Kennedy and Reagan Cuts
  • Statebuilding Without a State: Comparative Palestinian Statebuilding under Arafat and Abbas/Fayyad
  • Two Sides of the Same Coin?  The Occupy Wall Street Protests and the Tea Party Movement
  • Palestinian Nonviolence: Altering Asymmetric Power Relations
  • Corruption in Haïti: A Longitudinal and Policy-Prescriptive Analysis
  • Immigration Policy in Europe: A Return to Nationalism
  • Power in the Policy-Making Process: A Case Study of NAFTA
  • U.S. Intelligence in Iraq and Afghanista
  • Reform vs. Regime Change: The Durability of the Moroccan and Jordanian Monarchies in the Arab Spring
  • What are the effects of Citizens United v. FEC?
  • Courting Justice? The Prosecution of Terrorism in Federal Court
  • Civil Society and Cybersociety: Debating American Civic Engagement in the Internet Age
  • Federalism and The Establishment Clause: "State" of Emergency?
  • Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Health Care: Does Diversity Impact the Generosity of Health Care Programs?
  • The Forgotten Front: Militant Islam and Terrorism in Indonesia

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