“I grew a lot more confident during my internship at NECC....I think the expectations were higher in terms of my ability to work with others both with the students and on individual tasks.”

“After taking a second year graduate course at NECC I found my psychology labs at Hamilton to be much easier while at the same time more enjoyable. I found myself less inhibited when it came to speaking in class as I had just spent a semester discussing my ideas with graduate students....”

“Applying psychology is very different from learning it in the classroom. I learned things from hands-on experience that I gained at NECC that I would not have had the chance to learn otherwise.”

“I think that the NECC Co-op Program is a really great part of what Hamilton has to offer its students. I strongly recommend offering more internships of this type in the future that target different fields of psychology as this experience not only expands an undergraduate’s knowledge, but truly helps when looking for a career or entrance into graduate school.”

“...Although Hamilton offers hands-on learning in labs and field trips, I felt I never had the opportunity while on campus to be immersed. I loved learning while on my feet and contributing to a greater cause.”


Tara McKee

Associate Professor of Psychology

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