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What are the costs of a semester at NECC?

Tuition for the semester at NECC is the same as for a semester at Hamilton. There is an additional fee for the semester that Hamilton charges for administering the NECC program, as it does for other off-campus programs.

The tuition covers the earning of four course credits toward your Hamilton degree just like a regular semester at Hamilton (one credit for each of two Psychology courses offered at NECC, and two credits for Education Studies 395N Clinical Teaching Intensive Special Needs). Since the NECC program is Hamilton-sponsored, financial aid should be awarded for your semester at NECC in about the same proportion as it was in an on-campus semester (subject to determination by the Financial Aid office, so check with them).

Because you will be off campus for the semester, Hamilton does not charge for room and board, so the semester bill from Hamilton should be a bit less than the bill for other semesters, depending on financial aid adjustments. NECC provides nearby housing for Cooperative Educational Program participants, usually within walking distance of the school. You will be getting many of your meals at the NECC cafeteria when classes are in session, and NECC provides an allowance from which you can purchase food and household supplies for cooking in the residence, so your room and board while at NECC are covered.

For specific charges, and details of financial aid, contact the relevant office at Hamilton College.

What about summer internships?

NECC is able to offer unpaid summer internships for undergraduate students. Summer interns at The New England Center for Children are responsible for teaching anywhere between two to eight students in a 1:1 teacher to student ratio. Teaching responsibilities include using reinforcement techniques, following behavioral guidelines, and implementing educational curriculum that is unique to each individual student. Part-time summer interns can develop their own weekly schedule as they work with 2-3 students for a minimum of 10 hours a week for 10 weeks. Full-time interns will work 30-35 hours a week with approximately 6-8 different students for a minimum of 10 weeks. NECC has received excellent feedback regarding its training. Full-time interns receive an intensive 3-week training curriculum, that ensures an easy transition into working independently with each student. Part-time interns also receive an abbreviated form of this training that promotes a smooth and gradual transition into working on shift as a teacher. Housing is sometimes available for full time summer interns.

If you are interested in a summer internship at NECC, please send a resume and cover letter to Dewey DeLisle, Intern Coordinator at ddelisle@necc.org. All questions related to summer internships should be directed to Mr. DeLisle.

Thanks to the generosity of Hamilton alumni and friends, funding is available through the Career Center to cover expenses for students who undertake unpaid or minimally paid summer internships. It is important for students to know that applications are due no later than March 31 in any given year and that their internships need not be finalized in order to apply for funding. Preliminary awards can be finalized when internships are confirmed.  There is more information on the Career Center website.

What is the academic schedule at NECC?

In the Fall Semester the Cooperative Education Program at NECC begins in late August/early September and runs until mid-December.

In the Spring Semester the program typically begins shortly after New Year's Day and runs until mid-April.

Academic Courses are offered on-site at NECC, meeting in the evening so they do not interfere with other duties.

Student Reflection

After taking a 2nd year graduate course at NECC I found my psychology labs at Hamilton to be much easier while at the same time more enjoyable. I found myself less inhibited when it came to speaking in class as I had just spent a semester discussing my ideas with graduate students...

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