Erica De Bruin

Erica De Bruin
Erica De Bruin

Assistant Professor of Government

Kirner-Johnson 120

Erica De Bruin's research interests include civil-military relations, military effectiveness, international conflict, and civil war. Her current research focuses on how to prevent military coups and how violent conflict escalates.

De Bruin worked previously as a research associate in U.S. foreign policy and international law at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, D.C., and taught international relations to high school students through the United Nations Association’s Global Classrooms Program. She received her doctorate from the Department of Political Science at Yale University in 2014.

Recent Courses Taught

International Security
Civil-Military Relations
International Relations
U.S. Foreign Policy
Civil War


National Science Foundation grant to support the project "Explaining Civilian Support for Political and Criminal Armed Groups," 2017
Centennial Center Visiting Scholar Award, American Political Science Association, 2013
Wyllys Baird Treat Fellowship, Yale University, 2012-13
University Dissertation Fellowship, Yale University, 2012-13
Foreign Languages and Area Studies Fellowship (Russia), 2009
Graduate School Fellowship, Yale University, 2007-12

Selected Publications

  • “Coup-Proofing for Dummies: The Benefits of Following the Maliki Playbook.” Foreign Affairs Snapshot. July 27, 2014
  • “U.S. Policy and the Responsibility to Protect,” in The Responsibility to Protect: The Global Moral Compact for the 21st Century. Richard Cooper and Juliette Voinov Kohler, eds. New York, N.Y.: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009. With Lee Feinstein.
  • "Preventing Coups d’état – How Counterbalancing Works," The Journal of Conflict Resolution. March 7, 2017

Professional Affiliations

American Political Science Association
International Studies Association
American Association of University Women
Young Professionals in Foreign Policy
Women in Conflict Studies

Appointed to the Faculty: 2014

Educational Background

Ph.D., Yale University
M.Phil., Yale University
M.A., Yale University 
B.A. Columbia University


War and Coup Prevention in Developing States
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