Members of the Class of 2015 and their senior thesis topics, alphabetically by department.

Three Minute Thesis Debuts at Hamilton

Fifteen seniors presented their theses in 90 seconds or less. Watch videos of their presentations on Youtube and read the story.

Africana Studies

  • Kayla Cody, The Disproportionate Placement of Black Students in Special Education: A Legacy of Systematic Inequalities in American Education
  • Anthony Jackson, Enough: Toni Morrison and the Black American Experience
  • Jorett Joseph, Racial Profiling, Police Brutality, and the Policing of Black Communities
  • Kiana Sosa, Examining Chappelle’s Show: Social Commentary and Performing ‘Blackness’

American Studies

Honors presentations

  • Allison Goodman, Women in the Jurisdictional Web: Exploring Legal Protection of Indian American Women In the US, Tracing Responses, and Advocating for Future Endeavors for Justice
  • Nani Harakawa, Unpacking Stereotypes: Corporate America’s Impact on the Homogenization of Rap Music
  • Lindsey Luker, No American Left Behind: An Analysis of Women’s Access to Education in U.S. Correctional Facilities
  • Shannon O’Brien, “Almost Heaven?” Women and Food (In)Accessibility in Central Appalachia


Cultural Anthropology

  • Griffin Abbott, Football vs Football: A Cultural Analysis of American Football and Association Football
  • Emily Banzer, Admitting ‘Authenticity’: A Discourse Analysis of the Student Community through the Lens of the Office of Admissions at a Liberal Arts School
  • Malindi Chesnut-Tangerman, Where Did You Get That Idea?  A Study on Gender Identity Through The Hidden and Published Curricula in Elementary Schools in Northern India and the United States
  • Abigail GlasserCheck Your luggage and Your Privilege: Voluntourism in the Age of Social Media
  • Margaret Haag, Strategies to Support Immigrant Students in U.S. Public Schools: Teaching Identity, Culture and Confidence to English Language Learners
  • Victoria Lin, Unveiled: French State Institutions and Muslim Identity Formation
  • Erik Marks, Policing and Police Subjectivity: An Ethnography of Police in a Northeastern City
  • Elizabeth Wilson, Identity Puzzle and Cleft Habitus: The Intersection Between International Family Background and American College Life


  • Maxwell Lopez, Three-Dimensional Modeling in Archaeology: A Case Study from the Pacific Northwest
  • Bridget Maguire, The Residential Organization of the Neopalatial Town of Gournia
  • Micah Stimson, Microscopic Analysis on Quartzite Assemblage from Slocan Narrow Site


Class of 2015 Senior Art Thesis

  • Kate Bickmore
  • Laura Donaldson
  • Lesley Klose
  • Jess Lebow
  • Weconday Murray
  • Hideko Nara
  • Cassandra Pepin
  • Sarah Scalet
  • Sean D. Henry-Smith
  • Kaily Williams
  • Sara Wortman   

Art History

  • Ashlie Flood, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Artemisia?: Feminist Scholarly Approaches vs. Popular Interpretations of Artemisia Gentileschi’s Biography
  • Taylor Healy, When Fine Art and Fashion Collide: Examining the Challenging Process of Curating a Contemporary Fashion Exhibition
  • Sara Kleinman, The French Pyramid: How One Glass Pyramid Changed the Way We See the Louvre
  • Elizabeth Morris, An Analysis of Gerhard Richter’s Style, Prolificacy, and Success
  • Hideko Nara, Take It To the Streets: The History of Protest Street Art
  • Cassandra Pepin, The Hierarchy between Art and Craft: How Fiber Art Bridged the Gap
  • Henry Rittenberg, Reclaiming the Body: Performance Art and Fashion Photography, 1960-1975
  • Deborah Roney, Beauty is in the Eye of the Nazis: Degenerate Art vs. Great Art in 1937

Asian Studies

  • Kadaicia-Loi Dunkley, Examining the Power Dynamics of a Patriarchal System in Imperial China
  • Dyllon Young, Red Capitalism: Determinants of Firm Success without Political Connections in China’s Private Sector

Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

  • Kevin Boettger, Identification and Quantification of Endogenous Electron Shuttles in Desulfitobacterium species
  • Ashley Carducci, Piscidin 1 and 3 Behavior in Cancer Cell Membranes
  • Deanna Cho, Transcriptomic profiling of Ichthyophthirius multifiliis at different infection periods
  • Rob Clayton, Electron Shuttle Amplification Through Microbial Fuel Cells
  • Hannah Ellerbrock, Molecular Characterization of Ichthyophthirius multifiliis using Mitochondrial Markers
  • Sydney Feinstein, An Investigation of Ascorbic Acid Biosynthesis in Drosophila melanogaster and Manduca sexta
  • Hanna Kingston, The Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury and Monosodium Glutamate on Drosophila Learning and Memory
  • Sophie Mayeux, Understanding the interaction between Piscidin 1 and 3 with DNA
  • Laura McCormick, Thermodynamic Analysis of Piscidin Binding: A Step Towards Combating Antibiotic Resistance
  • Mason Schoeneck, Activity of Piscidin 1 and Piscidin 3 on HT1080 Fibrosarcoma Cells: Importance of ATCUN Motif


  • Camille Ashbaugh, Drosophila melanogaster S2 cells: Proliferation, Hypoxia & TβhR Expression
  • Halle Becker and Alyssa DiCosmo, Effect of Anthocyanins on Learning and Memory in the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach
  • Nikole Bonacorsi, Exploration of the Function of Phi Thickening in Five Plants Under Stress.
  • Sally Bourdon, Effect of Different Manure Leachate Treatments on Lettuce Growth.
  • Matthew Brzustoski, Effect of Electrode Potential on Nanowire Network Construction in Shewanella oneidensis
  • Brendan Bucksbaum and Emma Lonadier, Effects of Sublethal Pesticides on Learning and Memory in Manduca sexta
  • William Driscoll, Effect of Ship-breaking on the Bacterial Communities of Bangladeshi Beaches
  • Olivia Garvey, Prevalence of Ixodes scapularis and Amblyomma americanum in Areas of High or Low Host Activity
  • Hillary Gray, Using the COX-1 Sequence to Sequence the Genome and Analyze the Phylogeny of Cryptocaryon irritans
  • Oni Heard, eTechnologies for the Objective Assessment of Dietary Intake in Children: A feasibility study
  • Matthew Hrvatin, Enrichment of Desulfobulbaceae Cable Bacteria from the Chemocline of Green Lake (Fayetteville, NY)
  • McKenna Kelly, Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Utica Crows
  • Kari Koga, Genetic Characterization of a Sub-Chemocline Microbial Biofilm in Green Lake (Fayetteville, NY)
  • Rachel Landman, Context-Dependent Neophobia in Urban Crows
  • Kathleen Moran, Influences of Root System Architecture on Saline-Treated Plants and Soils.
  • Sheila Mwangi, Investigating the Presence of 5' Cap in the mRNA Transcripts of Ichthyophthirius multifilis (Ich)
  • Olusegun Ogunwomoju, Investigating the Mechanisms by which Vitamin C Influences Growth in Manduca sexta
  • Benjamin Piegari, Testing Bacterial Growth On Different Chicken Nuggets
  • Hannah Trautmann, Ecological Pressures in the Community of Lyme Disease
  • Jacob Wagner, Relative Toxicity of Copper Herbicides NautiqueTM, CaptainTM and Copper Sulfate to Non-Target Fathead Minnows and Brook Trout
  • Natalie Warren, Effect of Growth Conditions on Production of Extracellular Electron Shuttles in Desulfitobacterium Strains
  • Kassandra Zaila, Endosymbiotic Bacteria in the Ciliate Protozoan Ichthyophthirius multifiliis


  • Catharine Crandall, China, the United States, and Pakistan – Possibilities for Counterterrorism Cooperation
  • Robert Hamill, Hollywood's eastward expansion: A study of how China's $6.5B film market is influencing a $2Trillion global industry
  • Sabrina Hua, Exploring Imaginary Recollections of Chinese-American Identity in M. Butterfly
  • Thomas Isen, The Rapid Development of Luxury Goods in China : Can it be Maintained?
  • Wilne D. Ledesma Arias, Why people study a foreign language?
  • Henry Pereira, Political and Social views on China-Taiwan Relations
  • Kevin Rovelli, Patriarchy and Female Characters: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Film Analysis
  • Liza Strauss, A Study of Bias Perception: How China Sees American Media Accounts of Chinese News
  • Samantha Wilson, Uncertain future: Can gaokao reforms create a brighter tomorrow for Chinese youth?


  • Jack Boyle, The Origin of Famine: Amartya Sen and Ancient Rome
  • Isabel Dau, From Potato-Sellers to Prostitutes: Evidence of Working Women in Classical Athens
  • Mackenzie Leavenworth, Miklós Rózsa and the Rise and Fall of the Roman Epic Film
  • Emily Moore, Wives and Barbarians: Examining Depictions of Women in the Wake of the Periclean Citizenship Marriage Law
  • Adrian Ophals, The Classical Athenian House: An Archaeological Search for Historically Insignificant Groups
  • Emma Zanazzi, Was Plato in a Frat? The Ancient Greek Symposium and Modern Fraternity Culture


  • Talia Bloom, The Latinization of American Politics: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Ethnic Appeals to Presidential Campaign Advertisements
  • Bradley Gifford, Social Media and Democracy: Exploring Political Freedom during the Evolution of Communication Landscapes
  • Sophia R. Henríquez, The One Who Got Away: An Exploration of How We Choose Our Life Long Partners
  • Mboutidem Isaac, International Students Intercultural Friendship Formation - Strategies that worked
  • Riker Jones, Face-to-Face versus Facebook: How College Students prefer to share their political opinions in the 21st Century
  • J. Connor Morgan, Power Dynamics and Rhetoric within Organizational Communication
  • Courtney Power, ‘Totally Invested’: A Structural and Cultural Examination of Employee Experience in High Finance
  • Tyler Reinhold, Watching in Black and White: A Qualitative Examination of Race in Mass Media
  • Will Schink, Yik Yak, Anonymity, and You
  • Brian Matthew Warager, Fashion: A Consumer’s Epidemic
  • Sabrina Yurkofsky, Beyond Bechdel: Evaluating gender representations in television
  • Alicja B. Zak, Perceptions of Self, Identity, and Personality in Multilingual College Students

Comparative Literature

Honors presentations

  • Kyle Burnham, On Storytelling, a Systemic Structure of Human/Nature
  • M.E. Ficarra, What’s Lost in “Win-Win”: The Evolution of Barack Obama’s Climate Change Rhetoric, 2009-2015
  • Caroline Grunewald, Foolish Stability: Deconstructing the Memoir
  • Lily Marks, The Ineffable Center: Borges, Language, and Reality
  • Andrew Nachemson, TBA
  • Meghan O’Sullivan, Journalistic Blinders: Reporting the Realities of Refugee Resettlement in Utica
  • Sarah Schuchardt, The Trial and the Hamilton College Harassment & Sexual Misconduct Policy: An Exploration of Kafkaesque Archetypes
  • Marcos Sotelo, Perspective: A Filmic Response to Bergman and Scorsese’s Religious-Themed Films
  • George Taliaferro, Green Lights, Big Eyes, and the American Dream: Alternative Teaching Approaches to The Great Gatsby in Response to the Common Core State Standards

Computer Science

Honors presentation

  • Rachel Friedman, Virtual Reality and Education: Presenting Computer Programming Concepts in Virtual Environments

Creative Writing


  • Erin Casey, Otherworld
  • Hannah Fine, The Bible, Kind Of
  • Lauren Ha, Capacity
  • Ariana Levi, A Year of Floof
  • Connor Miyamoto, Hyperchondriacs
  • Logan Roberts, Florida Boy
  • Gabrielle Sher, Bowerbird


  • Janelly Chavez, Cuando se va la Luz
  • Nate Goebel, Home Life
  • Kaye Kagaoan, Quarterlife
  • Allison Kerper, Small Talk
  • Jenna Langbaum, isn’t it romantic
  • Nate Lanman, Godspeed Suburban Cowboy: A Ballad in Four Movements
  • Molly Root, Body of Works


  • Eliza Kenney, A Family of Things
  • Wilne De Jesús Ledesma Arias, And Now...
  • Kendra O’Connor, Own Eyes, Midnight and Somewhere Between Love and Abuse


  • Ivy Akumu, Does Debt Matter for GDP Growth?: The Casual Link Between Public Debt and Economic Growth
  • Daniel Baer, The Pursuit of Happiness: Union Membership and Life Satisfaction in Transition Economies
  • Anna Brown, Financial Risk Appetite and Aversion in College Students
  • Conor Fox, Does Your Gardener Own AAPL?: Examining the Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policies and Rising Stock Prices on Wealth Inequality
  • Edward Hincks, Comparative Efficiency in US Financial Institutions: Do Credit Unions Behave Differently Than Commercial Banks?
  • Jamie Lee, The Economics of Deception: Competitive Dishonesty and Agonistic Behavior
  • Stephanie Muller, The Impact of Exposure to Violence on Mental Health and Behaviors with Long-term Health Effects: Evidence from the Mexican Drug War
  • Hoang (Kate) Nguyen, The Effect of QE3 on Market Interest Rates
  • Kelly Osterling, The Stock Market’s Reaction to Labor Market News
  • Corin Seguljic, India’s Missing Women
  • Patrick Sen, The Effects of HRM Practices on Firm Production in Transition Economies
  • Samantha Sherman, Unemployment, Relative Comparisons, and Life Satisfaction: Fear and Commiseration
  • Eren Shultz, The Effects of Participation in Experiential Learning Programs on College Student Satisfaction and Life Outcomes
  • Rohini Tashima, The Effect of Political Conflict on Domestic Violence in Nigeria
  • Carrie Uhlein, Explaining Cross-National Differences in Divorce: The Effects of Technology and Alcohol Consumption
  • Nicholas Vassos, Does Ownership Affect Employment? Evidence from European Financial Institutions
  • Jin Zhou, Does Insurance Coverage Lead to Better Access to Care and Financial Protection?: Evidence from Rural China


Honors presentations

  • Emma Bowman, Constructed Intimacy: How Christian Devotional Poets Manage Audience
  • Peter Bresnan, Lolita and the Literature of Ethics in the Digital Age
  • Hannah Chappell, ‘Eddying with the vowels of all rivers’: Language, Body and Gender in Finnegans Wake
  • Kerri Grimaldi, From Dystopia to Utopia: Reimagining Gender in Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam Trilogy
  • Jessica LeBow, Breaching Convention in To the Lighthouse
  • Mary Rice, ‘A Stew or a Story’: Literary Appetite in M.F.K. Fisher’s The Gastronomical Me

Enviromental Studies

  • Sara Berthiaume, The Environmental Factors Behind the Rising Rates of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Mercury Exposure, Air Pollution, and Pesticide Use
  • Zachary Dix, Deeply Rooted: The Origins of Environmentalism
  • M.E. Ficarra, What's Lost in “Win-Win”: The Evolution of Barack Obama's Climate Change Rhetoric, 2009-2015
  • Gipper Gailor, Assessing the Viability of Shale Oil as a Sustainable Energy Resource
  • Nicole LaBarge, The Spatiotemporal Patterns of Agriculturally Relevant Extreme Weather Events in New York State
  • Walker C. Lourie, How will the Atlantic Oyster (C. virginica) Respond to the Predicted Impacts of Global Climate Change?
  • Thomas McKeown, Does the Economic Gain from Unconventional Drilling Justify the Cost?
  • Jessica Pedersen, Shifting Spatiotemporal Weather Trends in US Cities from 1981-2012
  • Eren B. Shultz, The Self-Obfuscated Carbon Footprint of the Internet
  • Emily Snider, Assessing Invasion: Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) in the Glenò
  • Joanne Stiles, Feed-in Tariff Policies: Is There a Tradeoff Between Environmental Stewardship and Economic Growth?
  • Andrew Yates, Allyl Isothiocyanate and the Invasive Success of Alliaria petiolata


Honors presentations

  • Anna Jaeger, Les animaux sacrés de Madagascar: une étude de la tradition et de la conservation.
  • Brady Sprague, Le président à gauche, les hommes d’affaires à droite : une tension justifiée ou une excuse pratique?


  • Madison E. Beres, The New York State Fossil: An Educational Booklet on Eurypterus remipes
  • Alexander Boles, The Effect of Differential Evaporation on the Isotopic Enrichment of Soil Water in a Well-Drained Dune System at the Squadrito Farm, Rome Sand Plains, NY
  • Nora Boylan, Determining the Source of Salt Water in Groundwater in Vernon Center, New York
  • Kevin A. Castro, Linking Geochemistry and Geology in Interpreting Anthropogenic Sediments: X-Ray Fluorescence and Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Soils from the Bridge River Archaeological Site, British Columbia
  • Lauren L. DeGennaro, Reconnaissance Mapping of Faults, Synclines, Anticlines, and Smaller Structures in the Minia Formation Northwest of Assiut, Western Desert, Egypt
  • Meredith Garner, The Interaction of Surface Water and Groundwater in Oriskany Creek, Clinton, New York
  • Hannah G. Haskell, Beach Erosion and Restoration Projects at Cape May Point, New Jersey
  • Linnea Hattery, Sediment Transport in the New York State Barge Canal: Sedimentary Processes and the Role of Fish Creek Along Oneida Lake’s Eastern Shore
  • Malcolm A. Katzenbach, Raman Spectroscopy and its Mineralogical Applications
  • Alexandra C. Kontra, Coastal Protection in Avalon, New Jersey: Hard and Soft Structuring from 2005 to 2014
  • Theodore James McLean, Structural Analysis of the Peculiar Terrain Using High Resolution Satellite Imagery Near Farafra Oasis, Egypt
  • David P. Morgan, Expedition Geology: Designing a Wilderness Based Course to Teach Coastal Geology and Field Mapping Techniques
  • Deanna D. Nappi, Geochemical and Mineralogical Analysis of Kimberlitic Dikes Exposed Along Six Mile Creek, Ithaca, NY
  • Emily Pitman, Sources of Nutrients in a Kettle Lake, Madison, New York
  • Felipe A. Ramirez, Paleohydrologic Evolution of Eocene Lake Systems in the Washakie and Piceance Basins, Wyoming and Colorado
  • Hannah L. Wagner, Rusophycus in the Herkimer Formation Building Materials on the Hamilton College Campus
  • Michael Weinzierl, Paleoclimate Reconstruction of the Great Bahamas Bank: An Isotope Analysis of Calcium Carbonates in Eleuthera, Bahamas
  • Izzy Weisman, Testing the Relationship Between Elevation and Stable Isotope Composition of Meteoric Water: A Paleoaltimetry Study in the Central Rocky Mountains of Colorado

Hispanic Studies

Honors presentations

  • Talia Levine, La condición femenina en México según las obras de Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz y Rosario Castellanos
  • Jeremy Lowe, El elemento medieval en Campos de Castilla (1912) de Antonio Machado
  • Sarah Schuchardt, Los morros del narco: la crisis de la juventud y el narcotráfico en México
  • Marissa N. Soo, Transgresiones de la heteronormatividad: el binario de género lingüístico, identidades trans y el cine de Pedro Almodóvar
  • Ashleigh N. Stephan, Las representaciones audiovisuales del Cid: un análisis comparativo de El Cid (1961) y El Cid: La leyenda (2003)
  • Mary Thede, Una crisis de identidad en España: el caso de Cataluña
  • Casey Wright, La representación del cuerpo como intrahistoria y resistencia en Under the Feet of Jesus de Helena Villamontes


Honors presentations

  • Leigh Gialanella, Discord in Utopia: Reconciling Perfectionism with Human Nature in the Oneida Community
  • Mira Khanna, Narratives of a Nation: Rabindranath Tagores Critique of Hindu Nationalism and Appeal for Universal Nationalism
  • Sarah Scalet, Confrontational Coverage: Imagery, Media Exposure, and the Civil Rights Movement

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Eunice Choi, Riesling Rising: New York State of Wine


Honors presentations

  • Rose Berns-Zieve, What are numbers?
  • Elizabeth Comatos, Getting to the roots of Newton’s method
  • Timothy Cowan, The pre-gaming paradox: consuming alcohol in anticipation of further alcohol consumption
  • Robert Huben, Splitting some (but not all) polynomials over a field
  • Brendon Kaufman, Singled Out: Game Theory in Dating Shows
  • Ujjwal Pradhan, Approximating π using Buffon’s needle
  • Minhoon Sohn, Divisibility tests in other bases
  • Nicholas Vassos, How do four years at college change students? An analysis of a NESCAC alcohol survey


  • Katie Callahan, Glial Inflammation as an Animal Model of Schizophrenia
  • Alex Cates, Happiness is Sexy: Positive Affect Alters the Neural Response to Facial Attractiveness
  • Jonathan De Jesus, Epilepsy and Depression
  • Brad Hagan, How Does Experience Shape Our Brain? A Novel Role for Calcium-Binding Proteins
  • Jess Harper, Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder(s): The Effect of Social Conformity on Neural Responses to Facial Attractiveness
  • Chris Holm, Nothing but the Here and Now: Is Mindfulness Linked to Attentional Filtering?
  • Sarah Izzo, Seeing God in the Shadows: Is Religiosity Linked to Implicit Emotion Regulation?
  • Chris Loan, Memory is Modulated by Subconscious Experience
  • Marie Murray, The Effects of Neonatal Social Isolation on Adult Anxiety Behavior in Rats
  • Carly Poremba, Breaking into Awareness: The Effect of Postdiction on Our Conscious Perceptions
  • Sandy Rao, Vision and Haptics in Spatial Learning
  • Helen Santoro, The Link between Mindfulness and Judgments of Facial Attraction
  • Christi Westlin, Take Me Away: The Effect of Self-Distancing on Neural Responses to Affective Stimuli
  • Amy Wright, DARPP-32: The Key to Drug Addiction?
  • Hannah Zucker, Learning and Memory Deficits in a Drosophila melanogaster Model of Traumatic Brain Injury


  • Mercedes M. Corredor, Truth Pluralism without Realism
  • John V. Crowther, The Epistemic Value of Art and Emotions
  • Matthew Graylin, Loosening the Grip of Subjectifying Social Conventions Holistically
  • Austin Heath, Epoché  and Pyrrhonian Discourse
  • Kevin Kim, Meaning in Life
  • Beryl Xinyang Li, The Limits of the Market: Aristotle and Sandel on Commodification
  • Maggie McGuire, From Ideal to Institution: Is Punishment Justified?
  • Genesis Melo, Violence: Covert Violence and Education in the U. S.
  • Zoë Mikhailovich, Famine, Common Morality, and the Punishability Distinction
  • Emily Moore, Science Fiction as Thought Experiment on the Question of Personal Identity
  • Jesse Voremberg, Thoreau’s Moral-Epistemological Attunement Regarding the Sustainability of Nature
  • Kwadwo Woods-Lokken, Rethinking Urban Violence


  • Amal Asghar, Happy and You Know It: Predicting Happiness in College Students
  • Nikole Bonacorsi, Psychopathic Traits in College Populations: An Examination of Biological Sex, Aggression, and Facial Affect Recognition
  • Grace E. Bowers, The Adjustment to College: Comparing Models of Parent and Peer Support on Emotional School Engagement and Academic Achievement
  • Julia Breckwoldt, Does Food-Related Thought Suppression Result in the Defensive Protection of Anti-Fat Biases?
  • Carrie Cabush, How Media Literacy Programs Can Override the Media’s Objectification of Women
  • Hannah Chappell, Defensive Self-Esteem as a Moderator of the Relationship Between Ego Threat and Anxiety
  • Kayla N. Cody, Is Implicit Race Bias Associated with Teachers’ Perceptions of Student Problem Behavior?
  • Josh DeVinney, The Misinformation Effect and the Factors of Visual Perspective, Emotion, and Symptomatology
  • Rebecca Gaines, Nontraditional Adjustment to College: Comparing First Years Entering in the Fall Versus the Spring
  • Erin Gerrity, Self-Harm, Alcohol Misuse, and Disordered Eating: Is Self-harm Replaced by More Acceptable Coping Strategies in Young Adulthood?
  • Emily Grund, Risk and Resilient Functioning Among Maltreated Adolescents with Disabilities
  • Rebecca Hillel, Coping with Negative Affect: Examining Adaptive and Maladaptive Behavioral Coping Strategies Among College Students
  • Rachel Hirsch, Social Networking Websites as an Assessment Tool Within the Hiring Process
  • Courtney Hobgood, The Usability of College Admissions Websites Among Students with Learning Disabilities
  • Charlotte Kassimir, The Fallibility of Eyewitness Memory: Implications and Protections in the Courtroom
  • Abigail C. Keim, The English Lens: Comparing Student Perceptions of Support and Belonging on Campus
  • Gabriele Lenihan, You Should ‘Insta’ That: An Unfiltered Look at Attitudes, Motivations, and Habits of Instagram and the Impact of Social Media Exposure on Self-Esteem and Mood
  • Zoe Lynch, The Effect of Heteronormative Advertising on the Brand Recall of Gays and Lesbians
  • Matt MacDonald, Information Overload: The Inverse Relationship Between Information and Experts’ Prediction Accuracy
  • Maggie McGuire, The Effects of Misinformation and the Own-Race Bias on Eyewitness Testimony
  • Melanie Miller, Ethnic and Racial Identity and Academic Achievement Among International College Students: The Role of Acculturation
  • Karly A. Moore, Risk and Resiliency: Examining the Relationship between Language Brokering, Cultural Socialization, and Family Conflict among Adolescents
  • Kendra O’Connor, The Role of Functional Behavior Assessment in Developing Autism Spectrum Disorder Interventions Appropriate for the General Education Setting
  • Joseph Rausch, The Effects of Music Videos and Video Games on Young Adults’ Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors
  • Rosmery Rodriquez, Is Emotional Intelligence a Good Predictor of Job Performance Across Race/Ethnicity?
  • Emily Rosen, The Effects of Counter-dispositional Behavior on Extroverts and Introverts
  • Adelaide Smith, Are We Well ‘Liked’? Comparing Facebook and Instagram Usage and Related Perceptions in Undergraduate Students
  • Margaret Smith, Matching Person to Media: How Individual Differences Relate to Learning Preferences and Outcomes
  • Katherine Steates, To Your Face, on Your Facebook, or on Yik Yak? College Students’ Perceptions of Relational Aggression
  • Nick Ufkes, The Overgenerality Effect and PTSD: An Evaluation and Assessment of the Underlying Mechanisms
  • Teresa Viteri, Civic Engagement in College Students: Are They Socially Responsible?
  • Jack Wildman, Prehospital Pain Management: Attitudes of Mohawk Valley Advanced Life Support Providers

Public Policy

  • Matt Billet, Assessing London 2012: Rhetoric and Reality in Selling the Olympics
  • Ryan Crawford, Crisis and Public Policy Formation: The Impact of Severity and Graphic Images
  • Brendan Cunningham, Can Raising the Minimum Wage Help Curb Crime?
  • Julie Dursema, A Cost Benefit Analysis of President Obamas Proposal for Free Community College
  • Austin Engros and Teddy Black, The Effects of Sports Participation: A Cost Benefit Analysis of Student Athletes at Hamilton College
  • John Fisher, Rethinking Prohibition: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Prohibition Era
  • Will Haslun, Solar Energy: What Works and What Doesnt Work in State Energy Policy
  • Jeff Hopsicker, The Willis V. Carrier Recreation Center: A Cost-Benefit Analysis from the Standpoint of the Town of DeWitt, NY
  • Daniel Ingraham, The Human Factor: The Case for Automation in Controlling Cars, Planes, and Ships
  • Chris Jusuf, Returning the Service: Is the Veterans Health Administration Providing Adequate Healthcare for Veterans?
  • Candice McCardle, A Relapse in Public Health: Antivaccinators in the United States
  • Jack O’Brien and Joseph Rausch, Income Segregation and City Fiscal Distress
  • Meghan O’Sullivan and Alicia Rost, Utica’s Newcomer Program: An Investigation into Educational Inequality for Refugee Students
  • Alex Pachella, The Effect of Gun Purchase Waiting Periods on Suicide Rates in the United States
  • Nick Taylor, Alaskas Permanent Fund Dividend: The One Guaranteed Basic Income in the United States
  • Jack Wildman, The Case for Ranking Police Departments: Evaluating Police Efficacy Using Statistical Analysis
  • Fiona Wissell, The Effect of State Incentives on Plug-In Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicle Adoption
  • Kwadwo Woods-Lokken, Segregated Schooling and Adult Criminal Activity: The Case of Minority Americans

Religious Studies

  • Jasmin Thomas, Religiosity and Spirituality on the Hamilton Campus


  • Emma Bowman, Closeness in College: Why Some Students Make Friends (And Others Don’t)
  • Ian Carradine, College Students and Internet Usage: The Transition into the Virtual Age
  • Eli Davidow, Songs That Never Die: The Intersection of Death and Consecration in Rock ‘N’ Roll
  • Taylor Davis, Growth of a Game: Examining Conditions and Strategies Driving the Expansion of MLS
  • Ashely Ferreira, Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Identity Expression: A look at the role of location in shaping the experiences of sexual identity
  • Huy Ho, The Long Term Importance of College on Career Choices
  • Suzanne L. Jacobson, From Bowers to Lawrence: An Exploration of Political and Legal Discursive Frameworks From 1986-2003
  • Crystal Kim, Women of Color and Spectrums of Body Image: Intersections Between Race and Gender
  • Samantha Levy, From Bedpans to TLC: Exploring How Hospital Nursing Assistants Deal with Dirty Work, Deliver Meaningful Care, & Respond to the Devaluation of their Occupation
  • Ann E. Lindahl, ‘Starved for Attention’: The Causes and Consequences of Disordered Eating in College Gay Men
  • Emily Malter, Cultural Capital as Extra-Credit: A Study of Varying College Experiences of Students From Different Social Classes
  • Sarah Mandel, Alternative Food Systems: Consumer Motivations and Commitment to Ethical Consumption
  • Addison Mayfield, Daily Tunes: Social and Emotional Implications of Music in Everyday Life
  • Elizabeth Lee Rodriguez, A Comparison of the Postgraduate Aspirations Among College Students in Mexico and the United States
  • Christopher L. Rogers, Souls & Voices Of Black and Brown Folks: A Look at Self-Segregation Practices of Black and Hispanic Students at a Predominately White College
  • Olivia Valcarce, Comfortable with Casual, but Committed to Commitment: A Study of College Students’ Intimate Relationships
  • Niki Wenigmann, The Life of an ‘Exotic’: Finding Your Place with a Multiracial Identity


  • Elizabeth Buchanan, director, Disgrace by John O’Keefe
  • Jack Coughlin, a staged reading of his original radio play And They Lived Happily Ever After
  • Shea Crockett, director, Never swim alone by Daniel Maclvor
  • Brian Evans, director, The Zoo Story by Edward Albee
  • Nate Goebel, director, Meanwhile the lights go down and everything becomes black by Jon Fosse
  • Jenna Langbaum, The Night of Blue and Salt
  • Catherine Luciani, director, A Stone’s Throw by Lynn Nottage
  • Wynn Van Dusen, We knew the boys liked it

Women’s Studies

  • Sahyli Febles, Access to Dental Care vis a vis Race, Class and Gender in the United States
  • Ellen Kunkel, Empowerment and Perception: The Past, Present, and Future of Midwifery in the United States
  • Noha Mohamed, Sexual Harassment in Egypt: A Social Epidemic and a Political Weapon
  • Hannah Nekoroski, Trans*formation: A Study of Partners of Transmasculine Individuals
  • Hillary Norris,“Choosing the Best”: Scripting Rape Culture in Public School Sex Education Programs
  • Isabel Oskwarek, Pornography: A Feminist Analysis of its Effects on Women
  • Emma Zanazzi, Re-Examining the Battlefield: Gendered Intersections of Militarization and Genocide


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