List of books recommended by Kelly Hennigan at the March 19 talk, All You Want to Know About Plant Propagation and More

Contact information: Kelly Hennigan (hennigk@morrisville.edu)

Ball Culture Guide
The Encyclopedia of Seed Germination

By Jim Nau
third edition

100 Orchids for the American Gardener
By Elvin McDonald
ISBN # 0-7611-1071-2

Plant Propagation
Principles and Practices

By Hartmann & Kester
ISBN # 0-13-679235-9

Plant Propagation
Seeds, Roots, Bulbs, and Corms, Layering, Stem cuttings, leaf cuttings, Budding & Grafting

By Philip McMillan Browse
ISBN #: 0671-248324

Seeds of Woody Plants in North America
By James A. Young & Cheryl G. Young
ISBN # 0-931146-21-6

The Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation from Seed to Tissue Culture
By Michael A Dirr & Charles W. Heuser, Jr

American Horticultural Society
Plant Propagation

By Alan Toogood
ISBN # 0-7894-4116-0



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