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Why does my gift to the Hamilton Fund matter?

GIVING TO HAMILTON is important for both practical and personal reasons. For example, because income earned from Hamilton’s endowment is tied to the performance of the College’s investments, annual giving helps protect against market volatility. Despite disruptions and unplanned costs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Hamilton was able to retain and pay its employees and continue to provide – and even add – important services and programs for students. 

On a more personal level, people tell us they give to Hamilton because they’re grateful for the education they received and want to give back so today’s students can have the same life-changing experience on College Hill; they believe in the College’s mission and want to support current priorities; and they want to protect the College’s position in American higher education.

Because Hamilton

Campaign Overview

Nearly 30,000 alumni, parents, and friends have made at least one gift to the Because Hamilton campaign, including almost 80 percent of all alumni. Because Hamilton has raised $364 million (91 percent) toward its goal of $400 million by June 30, 2023, with almost half (49 percent) of the gifts added to the endowment for College and donor priorities.

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