Digital Hamilton

With its strategic plan and new capital campaign Because Hamilton, the College has made digital fluency a priority alongside the ability to write well, speak persuasively, and employ quantitative knowledge. Read five examples of how faculty and students across disciplines are exploring the power of these new technologies.

A Student Stand Against Slavery

In 1837, a decade after the liberation of the last slaves in New York State, 58 Hamilton students — more than 60 percent of the student body — signed and sent to Congress a strongly worded petition to ban slavery in the United States.

The Woman’s Hour

In telling the story of the fight for women’s right to vote, Elaine Weiss K’73, P’07 shows how strategy, persistence, and courage make change happen.

Experts and Equipment that Rock

In 2015, Hamilton invested in an x-ray fluorescence spectrometer and two experts to operate it, making the College one of a handful of academic institutions to offer that package to its faculty and students.

The Serve America Movement

At first glance, Eric Grossman ’88 may seem like just another man in a power suit working at an investment bank in Manhattan. As the chief legal officer at Morgan Stanley, Grossman commutes from the New York suburbs, where he lives with his family. But here’s the twist: He wants to overturn a long-standing American tradition — the two-party political system.

The Meaning of Kirkland

To mark the 50th anniversary of the first matriculating class at Kirkland College, the Hamilton magazine asked a handful of alumnae to share how their experiences at Kirkland shaped their lives.

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