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Intro to Photo Exhibition

Open to off campus guests (Public)
Kennedy Center 100E Wilhelm Lobby, Map #80

Through the Lens: Photography and the Natural Environment

Introduction to Photography end of semester exhibition featuring work by:

Safa Ahmed, Knowledge

London Barreras, Invasive Species

Sophie Boorstin, As One

Seth Britton, Small

Sunny Chen, Alone

Emma Cheong, The Aesthetic of TP

Audrey Chor, Hidden Chemicals

Kelly Collins, The Nature of Industry

Preston Comer, Developed Destruction

Campbell Dorsett, Coastal Mindset

Nicole Eisenberg, Natural Body; Natural World

Sarah Ferdinand, A Fine Line

Julia Ganson, Digital Flora

Carolyn Gevinski, Space-Time

Andrew Groll, Left Behind

Gabe Kahane, ser#al

Weihan Lin, "Mono No Aware"

Andrew Little, Input and Output

Cam Morosky, Longing For Freedom

Christie Morse, Technology Takeover

Xan Mullings, #transis…

IshaParkhi, Sunshine in the 315

Desiree Pico, It’s Only Natural

Cassie Pontious, The Forsaken

Emma Mae Regan, "Natural" Beauty

Emnet Sisay, Neglecting Nature

Tatie Summers, Reflections

Chris Tolan, Reflecting on South

Matthew Tom, ’73 and Me

Cat Washington, Thrifted Youth

Sam Wilkerson, Commercial Consequence

Contact Information

Karin Murray
kpmurray@hamilton.edu 20190122 08:00:00 20190122 20:00:00 America/New_York Intro to Photo Exhibition <p>Through the Lens: Photography and the Natural Environment</p> <p>Introduction to Photography end of semester exhibition featuring work by:</p> <p>Safa Ahmed, Knowledge</p> <p>London Barreras, Invasive Species</p> <p>Sophie Boorstin, As One</p> <p>Seth Britton, Small</p> <p>Sunny Chen, Alone</p> <p>Emma Cheong, The Aesthetic of TP</p> <p>Audrey Chor, Hidden Chemicals</p> <p>Kelly Collins, The Nature of Industry</p> <p>Preston Comer, Developed Destruction</p> <p>Campbell Dorsett, Coastal Mindset</p> <p>Nicole Eisenberg, Natural Body; Natural World</p> <p>Sarah Ferdinand, A Fine Line</p> <p>Julia Ganson, Digital Flora</p> <p>Carolyn Gevinski, Space-Time</p> <p>Andrew Groll, Left Behind</p> <p>Gabe Kahane, ser#al</p> <p>Weihan Lin, "Mono No Aware"</p> <p>Andrew Little, Input and Output</p> <p>Cam Morosky, Longing For Freedom</p> <p>Christie Morse, Technology Takeover</p> <p>Xan Mullings, #transis…</p> <p>IshaParkhi, Sunshine in the 315</p> <p>Desiree Pico, It’s Only Natural</p> <p>Cassie Pontious, The Forsaken</p> <p>Emma Mae Regan, "Natural" Beauty</p> <p>Emnet Sisay, Neglecting Nature</p> <p>Tatie Summers, Reflections</p> <p>Chris Tolan, Reflecting on South</p> <p>Matthew Tom, ’73 and Me</p> <p>Cat Washington, Thrifted Youth</p> <p>Sam Wilkerson, Commercial Consequence</p> Kennedy Center 100E Wilhelm Lobby, Map #80 Karin Murray kpmurray@hamilton.edu
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