• “Does anybody have a $5 bill?” former White House press secretary Mike McCurry P’13 asked Hamilton Program in Washington, D.C., students as they ate lunch in the conference room of Public Strategies Washington (PSW) where he is a partner. He wanted to point out that the picture of Lincoln on the $5 bill was taken in that room which was once the studio of Civil War photographer Mathew Brady.

  • Hamilton students in the Program in Washington, D.C., got to relax after their midterm exam last week by bowling.  But they didn’t bowl at any old alley. They headed to the Harry S. Truman Bowling Alley in the White House West Wing. The students blew off some steam the way many presidents had in the past, by lacing up their bowling shoes and hoping they didn’t get a gutter ball – which was fairly difficult because the floor was slanted.

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