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  • The College/Environmental Studies 220 classes, taught by Onno Oerlemans and Robin Kinnel recently made their annual trek into the Adirondacks to see firsthand some of what they’ve been studying and to experience some of the beauty of the area.

  • Over the weekend of October 1-2, the combined sections of Environmental Studies 220, The Cultural and Natural Histories of the Adirondacks, taught by Onno Oerlemans and Robin Kinnel traveled to the Adirondack Park for some first-hand experience.

  • Over the weekend of Oct. 2-3, the College 220 class, “The Cultural and Natural Histories of the Adirondacks,” explored several Adirondack natural sites, visited the historic John Brown’s cabin in North Elba, and took part in a seminar on paddler’s rights during an overnight visit to Camp Wenonah, owned by alumnus James Schoff, ’68.

  • Silas D. Childs Professor of Chemistry Robin B. Kinnel visited the Boston College Chemistry Department at the invitation of Jason Kingsbury, '97, now an assistant professor there. At Kingsbury's suggestion Kinnel prepared a retrospective talk, which he titled "Adventures and Lessons from Three Decades of Natural Products Chemistry: Some Finished and Unfinished Business." In the audience were Hamilton graduates Kevin Brown, '02, and Ming Chan, '05, both graduate students in chemistry at B.C. Also in attendance were Danielle Massee, '07, now at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, and Elita Pastra-Landis, professor of chemistry at Wheaton College and mother of Tanya Pastra-Landis, '98.

  • Following up on work carried out by Silas D. Childs Professor of Chemistry Robin Kinnel at the University of Hawaii during the spring of 2005, two students, Andrew Glossner '06 and Danielle Massee '07 completed the synthesis of a natural product isolated from the sponge Amphimedon compressa; this was reported at the meeting in a poster. In addition, Kinnel served as one of six judges for the poster prizes at this meeting in Queenstown, New Zealand, which took place from February 4 to February 10.

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