• A longstanding annual tradition returned when members of the Class of 2025 visited the historic Kirkland Cottage on Aug. 24 and 25 to sign the College Register. The matriculation event, established in 1975, celebrates the beginning of students’ Hamilton careers and their membership in the College community.

  • Members of Hamilton’s class of 2024 have arrived, moved in, and completed orientation, and upperclassmen have returned to the HiIl for a fall 2020 semester that will be remembered as unlike any other in Hamilton’s long history.

  • A 41-year tradition at Hamilton College continued on August 23 as members of the Class of 2020 lined up at Kirkland Cottage to sign the College Register as a symbol of matriculation at Hamilton. Kirkland Cottage has an even longer history, having been built in 1792.

  • Today members of the class of 2013 gathered at the historic Kirkland Cottage to sign the College Register symbolizing their matriculation at Hamilton.  This tradition, established in 1975, represents the beginning of their college career and their membership in the Hamilton community.

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