• Hamilton TEDx welcomed Erik Wemple ’86, a media critic with The Washington Post, and Yael Bromberg, chief counsel of voting rights at the Andrew Goodman Foundation, on Feb. 15 to explore issues of political polarization, voter disenfranchisement, and the role of the media in the United States. The program, titled “20/20: Political Divisions,” proved especially relevant in the context of the seminal election coming up in November.

  • Speakers Laura Engelhardt ’95, Vasant Dhar, and Juvencio Maeztu P’20 shared personal experiences that show the positive impacts of stepping outside your comfort zone and challenging your natural inclinations.

  • Hamilton will host a TEDx event on Saturday, Feb. 24, from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., in the Kennedy Center Barrett Lab Theatre. This year’s topic is Rethinking Today, Reinventing Tomorrow. A TEDx talk is a showcase for speakers presenting great, well-formed ideas in under 18 minutes. 

  • Going “against the grain” can be painful and cause splinters, but as speakers at Hamilton’s TEdX talks advised, there is often good reason to endure that pain. The four speakers at the Feb. 11 event spoke to different reasons to move “against the grain.”

  • Doug Ambrose, the Carolyn C. and David M. Ellis Distinguished Teaching Professor of History, was a guest in Boston for a TEDxBeaconStreet talk titled "Perils of Posterity: Alexander Hamilton and a Sex Scandal. "

  • Associate Professor of Philosophy Katheryn Doran presented a community session/workshop titled “How Can You Save the Earth?” at the TEDSummit in Banff, Canada, June 25-29. She proposed the session this spring and survived two rounds of cuts to make it onto the program.

  • The goal of the first TEDx talk at Hamilton College, sponsored by the Oral Communication Center and Dean of Faculty’s Office, was to leave the conformity of our everyday lives and return to no-strings attached inquisitive nature of youth in order to achieve uninhibited curiosity and creativity.

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